Shimmers to be Cleaned Up

Big news, right?  Or maybe you only know Shimmers from its prominent location across from Fred Meyer…you know, the strip club two blocks from 82nd.

Well, apparently there are two kinds of strip clubs:  clean and dirty.  Who’da thunk?  According to the Willy Week, Shimmers has a new owner and he intends to “clean the place up.”  It’s not out of the question, especially since the new owner’s pedigree can be linked to one of my favorite North Portland bars, Ducketts.  But…it is a strip club…it is across the street from Fred Meyer…and it is right off of 82nd.

Good luck, guy.

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3 Responses to Shimmers to be Cleaned Up

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    I’ve always hoped for a extension of the Portland Fruit Company into that building, allowing an expansion as a Deli/Diner. It’s actually a pretty cool old brick structure and could absolutely be brought back to life with the right business.

  2. Alex says:

    Not a very encouraging writeup coming from a blog that focuses on improving Foster. Just saying…

    • Point taken…I’m just not that encouraged by the “sprucing up” of a strip club. Now, if this were the deli/diner/fruit company extension Nick’s suggesting, I’d definitely be into it.

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