Goings-on in and Around FoPo…Happy Friday!

This last push of warm weather has been nice.  It’ll be hot today.  Maybe too hot for some, but it won’t be long before we’re missing the sun and wishing it would heat up.  Enjoy it while you can.  Also, don’t forget to check out the fine work from the folks at FosterUnited.org.  They’re putting together good, relevant material for folks up and down Foster to read…whether your in Lents, Mt. Scott-Arleta, or Creston-Kenilworth.

Now on to your weekend tidbits…

– Despite varying opinions on what the future of Foster Road should look like west of the freeway, there’s certainly a lot of passion, ideas, and energy involved with its development.  There’s been lively discussion on this site, as well as some pertinent talk on the Foster United site.  To get caught up, check out the following three articles:
Vision Document for Foster Road
Refresher on all the acronyms and developer-speak associated with Foster Road
Diary of dealings with city process in regards to implementing change on Foster

– O’Malley’s is in the midst of their Macro BrewFest 2012.  Get in on the action: vote for your favorite cheap beer, catch some live music, and, oh, $7.00 for four tallboys.

– Thanks to one of our readers, we were alerted to the fact that the Save-A-Lot at 68th and Foster is on a long list of stores affiliated with the Supervalu brand that will be closing by the end of the year.  While it sucks to lose a retail operation, as well as affordable shopping and the closest thing we have to a grocery store in the middle of the neighborhood, I’m sure it fuels speculation for what may take its place in the future.  And while I’m sure many will clamor for a healthy grocer to set up shop, maybe the first hope is that it doesn’t sit vacant or become another poker room or strip club.

– Speaking of retail space, there’s plenty of it on this stretch of Foster.  Whether it’s the apparent abandoned building, or the empty storefront waiting to be leased, the opportunities for businesses to set up shop here abound.  What would you all like to see on Foster?  Dreamers are welcome, but also the realists.  What would fit the needs of the community?  Or, in an ideal world, what would you like to see in the former Highway 420 space or Phoenix Pharmacy building?  Basically, what’s missing on Foster?

– Don’t forget the FoPo NA meetings will now take place at Bar Carlo.  Still on the second Monday of the month at 6:30.

Happy weekend, y’all.

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6 Responses to Goings-on in and Around FoPo…Happy Friday!

  1. cedr says:

    The Phoenix building would make a fantastic pizza place. Hell, get the O’Malley’s guys on it, their pies are Foster’s best kept secret.

  2. Jess says:

    I too would like to see a restaurant there- for me the daydream is something along the lines of the ever popular Screen Door on Burnside… I feel their genius is the right mix of healthy and down-home- like the fresh locally sourced salads and fried catfish. For now I am still celebrating the new NWIPA, and will support them as often as I can!

  3. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Phoenix Building… must… be… McMenamin’s…

    Seriously, right? They have the deep pockets and the artistic / architectural aesthetic to make that place shine. And Foster is a beer desert.

    NWIPA is a big step forward, but it favors depth over breadth. Even standouts like Bar Carlo and Foster Burger have puny beer selections. Slingshot Lounge is very good for beer, but it’s an oasis in a desolation!


  4. Ha ha…a beer desert. I never would have thought Foster would fall into that category, but I see what you’re saying.

    As for McMenamin’s, I’m sure they could do wonders for it. Come to think of it, there are a few buildings they could make shine in the n’hood.

  5. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Well, let’s just say I wasn’t celebrating the macrobrew fest at O’Malley’s… that stuff doesn’t deserve the hallowed appellation “beer.”

    If I have out-of-town company and want them to have something like a Portland beer experience, HUB is the closest outpost of Beervana in our beer-blighted ‘hood. Otherwise it’s up to Hawthorne for the next closest, and farther out from that…

    A brewpub is the last thing we just don’t have at all (well, and maybe a nice grocery store).


    • I see what you’re saying, and totally appreciate your taste for good beer. Slingshot typically has good beers on tap, though, and N.W.I.P.A. covers the rest…or so I’d think. Oh, and for a good local selection, Gemini does its best to rotate their taps with SE brewed beers.

      With that being said, I’d take a brew pub any day.

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