Seen in FoPo

Ok, what’s the story here?  Two different homes in the same neighborhood…

Does this take bike enthusiasm to a different level, or is there something symbolic about the decor here that signifies something else?

Nobody has that mad a’ bunny hopping skills, and the bike to the left sure didn’t get there by accident.  Perhaps this is FoPo’s way of saying, “more bikes, please…the Center Street bikeway was a start…how about some facilities on Foster?”

Oh, and speaking of the Center Street bikeway, check out Foster United for their article about changing speed limits on neighborhood greenways.

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3 Responses to Seen in FoPo

  1. Aaron says:

    In the first picture, you can just make out Elliott from E.T. hurtling through the clouds to the right…

  2. Ruben says:

    I definitely think fopo needs more bike racks on some of the sidewalks particularly near parks.

  3. Brett says:

    Beyond bike racks, which are needed… Let’s see the “separated in-roadway” bike facility ON Foster that is recommended in the 2030 Portland Bike Plan! With the Foster Streetscape update going on, I hope there is an opportunity to see this become a reality.

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