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If Foster Road has ever garnered this much attention, or if the various neighborhoods along it demonstrated more energy and determination, I missed it.  I’m guessing you did, too, because there’s almost too much going on in the neighborhood to keep track of.  If it isn’t a new place for food and drink, it’s the promise of a safer and more beautiful Foster corridor (or at least the neighborhood fighting for it).  If we’re not touring the wonderful gardens in the area, there’s a neighborhood cleanup, a party in the park, or plans for the yearly street festival. And if it’s not a place to catch comedy or trivia, it’s a venue for live music.

Enter the Bob White Theatre.  Long forgotten, then promised to be reborn, and again forgotten while “The Reconstruction” stalled…the Bob White, as we’ve already mentioned, is making noise again.

And it has been for longer than you may realize.  The Oregonian’s Southeast reporter, Steve Beaven, wrote up a nice piece about the space, which is still under renovation.  While our hopes for the space have and should be tempered with the economic realities of running a theater, as well as the financial and time/energy burdens that may delay full capacity functioning of the Bobwhite (it’s been shortened to one word, or so I’m told), the prospects are indeed exciting.  And some of the shows have already exceeded some of our expectations, which is great.

A couple takeaways from the article:

– With Bar Carlo opening its doors on a Tuesday (their day off day) to coincide with a recent show at the Bobwhite, business was quite good.    Friday night good, says Mel…and if that’s the case, the theater’s impact on the economic vitality of the surrounding neighborhood may be significant.

– That thought was echoed by Erika Palmer-Wilson, chair of the Mt. Scott-Arleta NA, as she spoke to the ability of the Bobwhite to be “a catalyst for economic development opportunities in the “heart of Foster….”

– Can we please help Mel out at Bar Carlo?  Foster doesn’t need to be the spot to score meth.  In the event that I’m not preaching to the choir, can I kindly request you not get your fix next to the n’hood dining spot?  Thanks…much appreciated.

– This wasn’t in the article, but I thought I’d throw it out there…the mural that was supposed to be, well, isn’t.  Not sure what happened with the foreign exchange students, Nick, or the painting process, but the east wall of the Bobwhite was never fancied up as expected.

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2 Responses to More Bob White Press

  1. jg says:

    BWT says “thanks” for the nice words – and yes, the mural didn’t really go off as planned. 95+ was the temp and the time was limited… the plan was adjusted. Hailed as a success by the participants – fun was had by all. And that is what it is all about, right? BWT is slowly moving ahead – no doubt about it.

  2. I’m sure you’ve seen the GORGEOUS murals on the exterior walls of the Russian furniture store at 66th and Foster – maybe Nick can get their info from the owner and have them drop their mad talent on Bobwhite. 🙂

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