Foster United, Take One

The Foster movement continues, and a new effort by some familiar names seeks to bring more promotion, advocacy, and hopefully a shared resource to the neighborhood.

Meet “Foster United,” a collection of community advocates who are trying to make the statement that mid and outer SE Portland is relevant, and that the neighborhoods hovering around Foster Road are interconnected in a way that each can aid in the collective vitality of the area.

While many of the neighborhoods that dot Foster Road already have strong local movements effecting positive change, that energy can sometimes be fragmented and challenged by physical boundaries (SE 82nd, I-205, or even Foster itself) or other barriers, such as neighborhood allegiance, lacking access to resources, or missed opportunities for inter-neighborhood communication and collaboration.  To break down some of those barriers and bring a Foster-wide focus to the internets, a group of area residents have created a new website dubbed, Foster United.  The new site will be used as a tool to bridge the various neighborhoods along Foster Road in an attempt to bring about more community-driven change and provide a venue for folks on both sides of SE Foster and 82nd to access neighborhood news, event listings, and/or simply to connect with each other.

So why promote a website that may serve a similar purpose as FosterPowellPdx?

First, it’s about the cause…not market share.

Foster United will also have a much larger scope, connecting and covering several neighborhoods along Foster.  FosterPowellPdx will continue to focus more exclusively on FoPo, with maybe a dash of closer-by neighborhood goings on too, while Foster United will have a bigger focus and goal of combining the various energies and efforts of the wider community.

Finally, I’ll be contributing to the new venture and hope that many of you will strongly consider supporting the Foster-wide movement…in addition to your love of all things FoPo.  There are some other great people who will be sharing their energy, love, and expertise to make this venture work, so there will be a variety of views, perspectives, and contributions.  Together, the common goal will be to create a more united Foster.  Those efforts can only go as far as the community lets them, though, so get involved, get active, and support the movement.

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2 Responses to Foster United, Take One

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    I eagerly look forward to my first newsletter from Foster United……

  2. Nick Christensen says:

    I eagerly look forward to Foster United reaching out to the communities east of Foster-Powell…

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