Foster Art Night Adds Two More Venues for this Weekend’s Art Walk

It’s that time again, and Foster Art Night (FAN) is upon us.  Just to recap: every third Saturday of the month, art and libations, and a nice jaunt down Foster.  While FAN is still looking to expand by adding more artists, getting more participation from local businesses, and getting a larger street presence (hint: vendors, musicians…please join us), it is still a fun way to enjoy the Foster landscape between the Slingshot Lounge and O’Malley’s…even if it’s mostly to get a pint and browse the art adorning the walls of some of our fine bars.

There’s more, though.  It isn’t just a pub crawl with the happenstance of art on the walls.  Rather, it’s a way to promote more community engagement and the arts simultaneously.  Too, local residents and business owners are offering up their space to further the cause.  Take the Foster Road Salon, for example.  Housed above Bob and Alice’s, this space has become the scene of readings, mingling, drinking, and a nicely curated apartment.  And this month, two more spaces are being offered for the art-walking, Foster-loving denizens.  The Day Theater, in collaboration with the Southeast Church, will be hosting music, arts and crafts, and…yes, the unveiling of the Foster Art Night IPA.  And not to be outdone, N.W.I.P.A., barely open for a week now, is busting out with a collection of art from Nine Dejanvier just in time for FAN.  And if a tasty beer and charcuterie plate wasn’t enough.

Again, FAN is still expanding, and the more energy involved, the better…so don’t be shy.

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