Community Volunteer Opportunity in FoPo: Connect With Exchange Students, Help Transform the Bob White

The Bob White Theatre has been pegged as a linchpin in Foster-Powell’s renaissance, as well as the overall growth and emerging vibrance of the Foster Corridor.  And as live music, community gatherings and other events continue to find their way into the old theater or Wurlitzer Warehouse, the neighborhood should benefit.  And while no clear path has been set by the theater’s owner or promotions team, the Bob White continues to be renovated, improved, and prepped for more activity…whatever that may end up being.

In the meantime, so long as the space is promised to be by and for the community, I suppose we have some obligation to help see it back to its glory.

This Friday may be your opportunity.

A volunteer work party this Friday, August 17, will see 40 international exchange students transform a chronically tagged wall (on SE 65th) into a community mural with fresh paint and their own personal contribution to the Foster-Powell neighborhood.  Along with you, too, of course.  Any and all are encouraged to join, as it’ll be a way to connect with international students, neighbors, artists, and those looking to see further transformation of the aged theater.  Some of the theater’s antique chairs will be getting fresh paint, too, so this is indeed a work party.

If you are looking to connect with the exchange student program in advance, or get more information on the mural, contact

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