Crosswalk Education Action on Foster

From the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition’s Media Advisory:


A crosswalk safety awareness action involves local residents, pedestrian advocates, and concerned citizens who wish to highlight the need for safety improvements that better accommodate people crossing.  Participants hold signs that thank drivers who have stopped for people crossing, and remind drivers who don’t stop to yield next time.  Awareness actions take place at intersections or along corridors that have proven dangerous for road users.

The safety needs of all road users depend on creative partnerships and innovation to improve education, engineering and enforcement.  For pedestrians – and we are all pedestrians at some point in our day – an integrated approach to advocacy, policy, education and enforcement is needed to better serve Portland.

There has been success in the form of behavior change through strategic pedestrian safety enforcement actions conducted by the Portland Police Bureau and Portland Bureau of Transportation.  However, the need for increased pedestrian safety awareness is ongoing.  Failure of drivers to yield to pedestrians in marked and unmarked crosswalks remains the number one safety issue for people walking and rolling.  In order to make the best use of limited funding resources, the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition is conducting community-based education actions with local neighborhood advocates to demonstrate the support of and need for pedestrian safety efforts.  These education actions complement the ongoing enforcement actions conducted by the Bureaus of Police and Transportation.

The Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, neighborhood advocates and local residents.  If you would like to participate or learn more, please contact the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition:

Tuesday, 14 August, 2012
61st & SE Foster

Wednesday, 15 August 2012
6:00 – 8:00pm
SW Barbur & Alice

About the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition:
The Willamette Pedestrian Coalition (WPC) is a non-profit advocacy organization area dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe and attractive throughout the Portland metropolitan region.  For more information about the Willamette Pedestrian Coalition, please visit

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