Meet your Neighbors: Apex Wellness Center

Rebecca Schacker, DC

Apex Wellness Center 

Who are you?

Mother of two. Chiropractor. Pragmatist.

What do you do?

I cram eight days of work into every week, fifty three weeks a year.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)

Owning my own Chiropractic practice within mere walking distance to my home is great. I am living my dream.

What brought you and/or your business to the Foster-Powell Community?

We moved here in 2006. It was a lot of house for the money. In 2009 we saw the foreclosed house that would later become Apex Wellness. On a whim, we checked it out and found it could be used commercially. We got funding from the PDC, and here we are.

 What is your favorite way to enjoy Foster?

Putting some miles on my violet 1970 Schwinn Fair Lady or walking my kids to the park.

 3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster

The Foster Powell Garden Tour

Fun on Foster

National Night Out

 How do you envision the future of Foster?

Foster is going to be the Next Big Thing in Portland. Ten to fifteen years from now, Foster could rival Hawthorne or Alberta.

Right now, my iPod is humming with:

Brought to you by my husband and business partner, Geoff Greene:

1.       Superchunk, the whole discography

2.      AC/DC, Back in Black

3.      Theme song from Scott Pilgrim vs. the world

4.      Yo La Tengo, from a Motel 6 Genius and Love version

5.      Verucz Salt, Volcano Girls

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland

1.       Used parts bins at Meticon Bikes

2.      Sweetness

3.      Missing Link Bikes

4.      Garage and Estate sales

5.      Wrenching on my ’61 Corvair in an undisclosed SE garage

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