Foster Corridor Investment Strategy—Project Update (from the PDC)

The following letter was written by PDC Project Manager, Kevin Cronin, in response to the PDC’s recent open house introducing the Foster Corridor Investment Strategy to the community.  The letter touches on the goals of the Foster Lents Integration Partnership, while also giving a general overview on the timeline and what to expect out of the process.  While details are still few, one can only hope that the city continues to  show an interest in making the Foster Corridor better, though follow through will be the ultimate indicator of commitment….

Hello Foster Corridor Residents, Businesses, and Interested Parties:

On June 27, 2012, the Foster Lents Integration Partnership (FLIP) co-hosted the first of three open houses with Foster Green and the Mount Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association.

We had over 75 people come by to learn more about the project, go on a walking tour, and provide constructive feedback on community issues facing the Foster Corridor.

The purpose of the Foster Corridor Investment Strategy is to chart a path for making public investments over the next five years to attract private investment and make positive changes for the business district and neighborhoods along Foster Road.

What does this mean for the Foster Corridor?

It means more neighborhood-based businesses, more jobs, a safer street for all modes, and more opportunities for community-based organizations to participate in the revitalization of the corridor.

The first open house introduced the concept of an integrated approach where all city agencies work together on creating a single investment strategy with existing budgets that every partner can work from and implement.

Basic information on the existing conditions of the corridor was also presented at the various focus areas: economic development, watershed management, urban form, and transportation.

So, what type of projects are being proposed?

Other than the streetscape project – which already has a specific budget and construction timeline – potential projects will be identified later this summer and be highlighted at the second open house planned for Fall 2012.

If you didn’t have time to see all of the material, or couldn’t attend the open house, we have posted all of the materials on the project website, including:

*  Summary of survey responses and walking tour notes

*  Presentation

*  DRAFT Principles—June 27, 2012

*  Focus Areas: Economic Development, Foster Streetscape, and Urban Form

*  Slide Show of Photos

If you’re interested in learning more about the project, you can

1.       Check out an upcoming neighborhood event,

2.       Attend a Foster Green Steering Committee meeting, or

3.       Visit the project website.

Please feel free to pass this on to your neighbors, Foster Road businesses, and other potential partners so we can make this project a success and revive the Foster Corridor.

If you have any questions or need more info about the project, please contact me.

Let’s Foster a revival together!

Thanks – Kevin 

Kevin A. Cronin, AICP
Senior Project Manager/Relationship Manager
Portland Development Commission 
222 NW 5th Avenue½Portland, OR 97209
p: 503-823-3305½f: 503-865-3608 

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6 Responses to Foster Corridor Investment Strategy—Project Update (from the PDC)

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    This is the best time to contribute ideas for investments in your community. Don’t wait, send your ideas to Foster Green, attend their steering committee meetings, and make sure your ideas get on the list.

  2. Cora Potter says:

    Here’s my idea for the “brand identity” for the Foster Corridor:

    “Foster Road – See Portland from Our Angle”
    Then you have the nodes: West Foster, Lents Town Center and Eastern Eden

  3. The catch phrase is spot on…but “Eastern Eden” might be the best part of that suggestion.

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