Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster….Goings on in and Around the ‘Hood

A lot of activity in the neighborhood this week.  From protests decrying the city’s slow response to needed safety improvements on Foster Road, to shootings, concerts, art walks, and the anticipated opening of a bottleshop.  Oh, and we may be a couple steps closer to landing a tool library in outer Southeast, as Green Lents inches closer to making their plan a reality in the Lents Town Center.

Now on to your weekend tidbits…

– Foster Art Night is tomorrow, 7/21.  Not that you needed a reason to hang on Foster, but there are certainly worse ways to spend your Saturday evening.  Plenty of music, art, and libations. Check the lineup here.

– Residents got together on Tuesday in a symbolic gesture of remembrance for those pedestrians who have been killed walking/crossing Foster Road.  The faux funeral procession was also meant to draw attention to the city’s continued delay on implementing effective safety measures that prevent further death and injury along the Foster corridor.  While the city promises construction of the Foster Streetscape Plan to commence in 2014, it will only be a partial build-out of the full plan and does nothing to address immediate safety needs…nor is there a guarantee of that 2014 date.  To go further, the needed safety improvements on Foster do not have to be tied to the streetscape plan and can be implemented sooner if the city wanted.  But will they?

– N.W.I.P.A. is one step closer to opening, and I imagine folks are gonna be pretty happy when they do.  Planters are out front, tables are assembled, and the bar is soon to be installed.  If IPA’s weren’t enough, the cheese and charcuterie plates and weekly oyster night should be.

– More on N.W.I.P.A….a recent article on the Brewpublic website speaks of the anticipated opening.  A couple interesting notes that had more to do with our neighborhood than the bottleshop:  they characterize the Foster-area as one of the last yet-to-be gentrified neighborhoods in Portland, again pairing the terms “felony flats” and “up and coming.”  While the positive trajectory is exciting, hopefully we can be up and coming without the side effects of gentrification.

– Bar Carlo should be unveiling a new dinner menu soon.  They’ve already been running with a newish happy hour concept that includes a rotating menu of bites and drinks, as well as a breakfast and lunch menu that focuses on “build it yourself” meals.  We’ve heard some of the standbys will be on the new dinner menu, but we’re also looking forward to what else they may have in store.

– Check out the food preservation workshops that Zenger Farm is offering.  The next workshop is Wednesday, 7/25, and will cover fruits and pie fillings.

– Not sure if anybody noticed, but there was a ska band performing at the Bob White last night.  I guess they’re not done after all.  If anybody was there, let us know how things looked inside.

– Lots of stuff going on outside of the neighborhood, too.  A couple of note:  Pdx Pop Now and the Cathedral Park Jazz Fest.

Happy weekend, y’all.  Be cool, be safe.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster….Goings on in and Around the ‘Hood

  1. Messy says:

    The “shooting” happened in Brentwood/Darlington. Two neighborhoods over from Foster Powell.

    • We’re aware of where the shooting happened, but seek to be more inclusive of the surrounding areas. Although we tend to focus on this side of Foster, we certainly don’t restrict ourselves to set boundaries.

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