Share Your Opinions on Proposed Options for Wikman-Arlelta Building Project

After numerous meetings and open houses, the coalition behind the Wikman-Arleta Building Project is presenting a few options for interested parties to consider for plans to move forward with.  As is typical of their process thus far, the coalition is seeking public input.  Please feel free to share your thoughts on the below options, either on this site or directly to

Common Elements:
All options include modifying one of the front ramps to meet ADA requirements and add a ramp to the door on Holgate.
Mezzanine is closed in and used for open offices.
Basement might be reconfigured to get more storage space.
Look into ways to add storage for tables and chairs on main floor.

Option 1 – Credit union and business incubator
General Comments:

Credit union and business incubator are compatible uses.
Leaves structural elements unchanged; would keep rehab costs down.
Uses minimize need for parking.
Compatible with multi-purpose events in the big room, especially evenings and weekends.
Good potential for generating rental income.
Credit union location eliminates ability to use that room for other uses.

Option 2 – Business incubator and tool library
General Comments:

Includes coffee cart, which generates revenue, provides employment opportunities and creates a neighborhood “hang out.”
Business incubator space could also work as offices for a one or more businesses.
Interesting mix of uses.
Low need for off-street parking and flexibility of big room, similar to Option 1.
Need to research tool library and determine its likelihood of needing separate office and being able to afford rent.

Option 3 – Open work space
General comments:

Big room would have portable office cubicles.
Removes office walls in east part of building.
Open plan creates big, flexible spaces.
Tenant would need to be willing to open space for community events.

What do you think? Please respond by next Monday, July 23.


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8 Responses to Share Your Opinions on Proposed Options for Wikman-Arlelta Building Project

  1. Anti-m says:

    What happened to the popular “community center” and “art and music center” options? Were those deemed not fiscally viable?

  2. Jed says:

    The best possible use I can envision would be a credit union branch. It would be a great community asset and likely to stay solvent for the long term.

    Of course, I still cannot understand why the decision was made to move the library from this location, which is what I really think belongs there. How about a new Powell’s Books annex, eh?

    • Ah yes, a library. Why they moved to begin with is unknown…but ’tis a great spot, indeed. A return to the glory years?

      I always thought a community radio station should set up shop in there…like KBOO or some pirate radio.

  3. Messy says:

    Credit union is my vote. Would this be for the union hall across the street? They did a great rehab of the former Masonic lodge building.

  4. Oz says:

    I’d vote for a credit union as well.

  5. Cora Potter says:

    I’m not understanding why so many of the options are competing with existing small businesses and organizations doing good work in the area already. The only use that would be a non-competing introduction to the area is the credit union.

    Business incubator: Isn’t SE Works doing something like this in partnership with PCC already?
    Tool Library: A tool library that is open to residents of FoPo and Mt Scott Arleta is opening up in Lents Town Center this Summer.
    Open Work Space: Shared Space is literally across the street.

    Honestly, the best use and outcome for the building would be for a business like McMenamins to move in. I like the idea of the credit union if it’s going to be an SEIU credit union. That makes sense.

  6. I wasn’t aware of the business incubator at SE Works. However, I had a similar curiosity when hearing about the tool library, especially with as much momentum as Green Lents has with their planned space just up the street.

    It seems like the credit union idea is getting good support, but I do wonder about the lack of visibility and ability to draw the needed customer base to make it feasible.

  7. Brett says:

    Although I like the idea of the more local tool library, residents of Fo-Po and Mt. Scott-Arleta already have access to the SE Portland Tool Library ( Sounds like Lents is setting one up as well.

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