Direct Action on Foster Road to Draw Attention to Needed Safety Improvements

For those concerned about traffic and pedestrian safety along the Foster corridor, you’re invited to join with your neighbors tomorrow, Tusday the 17th, at 6 p.m., where those participating will enact a funeral procession in a symbolic gesture to honor the pedestrians who have been killed and/or injured while walking on Foster Road.  This action is also in response to the city’s continued failure to address the safety needs of our community, where an average of one pedestrian is killed yearly on Foster.  For more information on this event, which will start in the parking lot of the Portland Fruit Company (80th and Foster), see the call to action letter below:

“Dear Friends and Neighbors of Foster Road,

 Following a series of serious injuries and fatalities, many who live in the Foster Road area have become increasingly frustrated at inaction by the City of Portland. Although plans have been drafted and redrafted for over a decade, little has been done on the ground to rectify the dangerous conditions.

 Concerned neighbors from Foster-Powell, Mount Scott-Arleta, and Lents are joining together tomorrow, July 17th at 6:00pm, in conducting a direct action on Foster Road, both in memory of those killed walking in the area and as a call for action to the City of Portland. This peaceful and lawful action will include a symbolic funeral procession to honor past and future victims of the City’s failure to act, and YOU are invited to join.

 The more neighbors who show up, the stronger the message. The action will begin atSE Foster Road and 80th at 6:00, and end at Laurelwood Park. Meet before 6:00 in the parking lot of the Portland Fruit Company. Please wear all black clothing.”

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4 Responses to Direct Action on Foster Road to Draw Attention to Needed Safety Improvements

  1. Messy says:

    Good response. I will be there.

  2. says:

    I think the credit union with space for small business is a great idea. Advantis had to close down there branch on 17th and Holgate this year due to the new max line. I bet they are looking for another SE location and that would be a great one.

  3. says:

    *SIDE NOTE* How about the used car lot on the corner of 52nd and Foster? Great spot for a small brew house?

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