Goings on in and Around the ‘Hood…Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster!

We here at FosterPowellPdx have been enjoying the warm, sunny weather, and the draw toward happy hours at Bar Carlo, Slingshot, O’Malley’s, Torta-landia —yeah, you get the point— and all the other outdoor activities across the city has kept us away from the computer.  Hopefully you’re enjoying the weather, too, and haven’t noticed our little slow down on the blog front.  We promise, though…good things will continue to come, just maybe at a slower pace while the sun’s out.

Now on to your weekend tidbits….

– Hot Rod Nights at the New Copper Penny on 92nd…Friday night dinner in the Pantheon, with the Daddy O’s performing.  Other bands will play live, too, with preferred parking in the back for “cool cars.”  Get there this afternoon to park and register your car…dinner will be inside in the evening.

– Gemini Lounge’s front patio is open.  The outdoor space adds to the growing list of places to eat and/or drink in the sun on Foster.  For indoor action, Clay Hawkins performs his “boot stompin” music Sunday evening.

– Also on Sunday…the Lents International Farmers Market continues to offer its variety of food, produce, and crafts from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..

– Speaking of Lents, help our neighbors to the east get their Community Tool Library off the ground.  For ways to help and get involved, click here.  Remember, as Lents thrives, so too does Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta.  The eventual tool lending space will serve the above neighborhoods, as well as Powellhurst-Gilbert, Brentwood-Darlington, and Pleasant Valley.

– Next Wednesday’s Movie Night at Bar Carlo will (double) feature House of Frankenstein and Rosemary’s Baby.

– An interesting suggestion was made in the Portland Business Journal that bicycling may serve as an economic development tool, and may be the key to Portland’s economic future. Reviewed on the BikePortland blog, it does make one wonder what role bikes and bike facilities would play in the future of Foster Road, especially as bikes are increasingly becoming part of the “streetscape refresh” conversation.  It’s widely accepted that streetcars have played a role (some might even think the sole intended role) in economic development…it would be interesting to see if a similar connection exists with bikes, as both have been talked about as options on Foster.

Not sure if you’re superstitious, but a hot Friday the 13th on Foster could be interesting.  Happy weekend, y’all!

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