Goings on in and Around the ‘Hood…Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster!

Ah, yes, the sun is glorious.  And it almost makes the wet, gray, 10-months leading up to it worth the wait.  ‘Tis a beautiful thing.

A lot’s been going on in the neighborhood, much of which centers around the continued unsafe traffic/pedestrian conditions on Foster.  While we’re eager to see the eventual streetscape plan take shape, we cannot wait any longer for the safety improvements needed to protect our drivers, bikers, and pedestrians.  Improvements should have been made yesterday, and your neighborhood reps will need support as they fight for them to take place sooner than later.

Now on to your weekend tidbits….

Speedboat Coffee is making the most of summer and they want to see you more…check out their new happy hour special:
“Starting in July, Speedboat Coffee is offering an exciting new Happy Hour from 2 to 4 p.m. Mon through Sat (they close at 2 on Sundays).  A lot of times happy hours can be just a gimmick, but Speedboat is going for something truly substantial by offering $1 off every drink on the menu.  That means between 2 and 4 p.m. you can get a cup of coffee for as little as 65 cents; A 12 ounce latte’ for $2.25; or one of their new 20 ounce Espresso Shakes for as little as $3.25!  Over the past couple of years, you have come to know Speedboat as your go-to place for morning Joe, offering Stumptown Coffee, a top-notch espresso program, and excellent breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and pastries.  Now here’s a great reason to go visit them in the afternoon too!  While you’re there, take advantage of their spacious seating, kids play area, free wi-fi, and outdoor tables.  And with the new Summertime Shake Specialties like the Hound Dog (Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Chocolate) Grasshopper (Espresso, Chocolate, Mint) and Oreo Explosion (they refuse to define this but apparently it’s got real Oreos and real espresso) there’s bound to be something for everyone.”

– In more coffee-related news…Pieper Cafe will be experimenting with extended hours for the month of July, as they’ll now be open until 4 p.m..  We are quite lucky to have two very good coffee options in the neighborhood.

– The Phoenix Pharmacy building and its owners are trying to secure financing for rehabilitation.  Finding a tenant would do wonders, as they say, and could put one more iconic building on Foster closer to its rebirth…and Foster’s, as well.

– Seen on the street:  Bob and Alice’s has been for sale for a few weeks…Gemini Lounge is constructing a bordered sidewalk patio…the floors in the future N.W.I.P.A. space were recently worked on, which hopefully puts the bottleshop closer to an opening date…quite a few businesses have taken advantage of the PDC’s storefront improvement program, as there are a lot of fresh paint jobs up and down Foster…finally, Smokey’s is still advertising “Best Burgers on Foster” (gotta love it)

– If you’re so inclined, get involved in the discussion on creating a permanent library district.  There are several upcoming community listening sessions scheduled over the next couple weeks.  Click here for more information.

– Mammoth in Space, tonight (8:30) at Bar Carlo.  Here’s what you’ll get….
Another night of stellar music improvisations with a backdrop of weird or surreal film projections. Drink specials. Weirdo surprises.  Join Darka and Miri of Mammoth in Space as they play spontaneous compositions with: Mike Burgess from Northbound Rain (bass) Tucker Tucker Tucker of Lone Madrone (drums) Olenka Burgess (baritone sax and other unusual instruments) Ivan Caluya on electric cello and several other amazing musical improvisors.  Take a sonic journey into space and beyond. You’re in for some aural bliss.  

– Foster Art Night is in just over two weeks…Saturday, July 21.  Check out the FAN website for more information and how you can get involved.  If you or someone you know wants to show art, play the ukulele in the street, read poetry, or just come out for a good time…do it.

– Finally, the Lions Eye Tavern will be hosting the Green Lents Community Tool Library fundraiser this Saturday, July 7, from 6 p.m. to 10.  Food, music, the Timbers game, tool donations, and of course drinks.

Happy weekend, y’all!  Be cool, stay safe.

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One Response to Goings on in and Around the ‘Hood…Happy Weekend, Fine Folks of Foster!

  1. Aaron says:

    And if anyone else out there didn’t know, the Lion’s Eye is on 82nd, just N. of Woodstock…

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