Meet your neighbors: Kathleen Miles

Kathleen Miles

Tell us a bit about yourself and your lovely garden:
I am an Oregon native and have lived in my lovely little house for 9 years. My yard has been a source of inspiration and anxiety relief. I love decorating my dogwood with seasonal lights, as well as adding touches of whimsy to the yard by using frogs and flowers.

What unique aspect about your garden or its history would you like to share?
I am the neighborhood frog lady and my yard is an outlet for my obsession. Neighborhood kids refer to me as the Frog Lady, and are always excited to find hidden frogs throughout my yard, and some kids have even tried to count the ones I have outside, which is an impossible feat.

What are your gardening inspirations?
My home is a whimsical place for frogs, flowers and friends. I guess my inspiration comes from living here and taking the time to watch things grow. I like theme areas, and often my inspiration comes from my frog collection, as well as colors and lights.

What brought you to the Foster Powell Community?
‘ve lived in this neighborhood since 1997. I love my little house, which has been my haven since 2003. I have great neighbors and couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

When not gardening, what is your favorite way to enjoy the neighborhood?
I love to walk around the neighborhood and get inspired by other creative gardeners. I also enjoy my favorite salon on Foster. Sweetness Bakery has also been a favorite of mine.

Tell us about community events you enjoy or would like to see in Foster Powell?
I really enjoyed the neighborhood nights out. I would love to see less bars and more local merchants. I think the former car dealership would make a great place for food carts and a “Foster Marketplace” where talented local folks could sell their crafts and food, like the Eastern Market in Washington, DC. I could image even a weekend flea market in that location.

Your top 5 plants or elements of your garden
Dogwood, lilacs, roses, lilies and frogs!

Your top 5 gardens to visit in Portland
Ladds Addition, The Portland Rose Garden, The Japanese Gardens, Mount Tabor and my own garden.

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Powell’s, the Hawthorne District, Saturday Market, Downtown Portland and my own home.

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