Goings on in and around FoPo…Lookout Weekend

….Here we come

With the disappointing news of the Bob White Theatre’s Reconstruction being suspended, FoPo bounces back this weekend.  As Debbie Deb said in 1984, “weekends were made for fun.”  With Pedalpalooza hitting the neighborhood tonight, as well as the Garden Tour and Foster Art Night on Saturday, we know you’ll do how you do, FoPo, when you do that thing you do.

Enjoy!  Now on to your weekend tidbits….

– Weekend festivities begin tonight as Pedalpalooza hits outer Southeast.  There are a couple options for you, first of which starts at 7pm with a tour of Foster pub culture via bike…starting at 92nd and Foster, heading west.  You can continue with that tour and finish at SE 52nd, or jump on nearby to start your evening with a 7:30pm “Dirty Diablo Ride” at Devil’s Point.

– Of course, the Fifth Annual Foster-Powell Garden Tour captures the Saturday early headlines.  40 gardens, raffles, prizes, and a chance to get to know your neighbors.  10 a.m. to 2 p.m..  Click here for a map of the self-guided tour, or pick one up at Apex Wellness Center, Bar Carlo, the Holgate Library, 7 Dees, or Sweetness Bakery.

– Taking the evening headlines will be June’s Foster Art Night.  For a segue into arts/libations from the garden tour, Pieper Cafe will have discounted prices from 2-4 and the art of Brian Clark on display.  At the Slingshot Lounge, Joey Maas and Jason Tait will have their work on the walls, with folks gathering around 5 p.m..  Between 5 and 7, stop by the Crafty Underdog Shop for wine and chit chat.  From 7 until 8:30, check out Jenny Oakley’s art at Torta-landia and/or more art, drinks, readings and music at the Foster Road Salon (above Bob and Alice’s).  Rebel Radio will then be playing live at Gemini Lounge, with a similar music/art/drinks combo at O’Malley’s at 9.

– Connect with your neighbors and representatives from Mt. Scott-Arleta, Foster-Powell, and Lents, as a community-led meeting on improving safety and livability on Foster takes place this coming Wednesday, June 20th, at Mt. Scott Community Center. Beginning at 6:30 p.m., the respective Neighborhood Associations will lead a discussion seeking input, comments and ideas on how to make Foster Road safe, livable, and what we ultimately want it to be.  This outreach, conducted by and for the community, will also feature speakers from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Pedestrian Coalition, as well as someone who helped transform their own neighborhood street.  This will be an important meeting to attend if you are at all interested in the future of Foster Road, whether it be with hopes of a scaled-down, multi-modal corridor or not.  This will lead into the PDC’s own version of neighborhood outreach a week later, so it will be good to organize as a community in advance.

– Apparently Jefferson Smith and company appreciate good coffee…or just like hanging out in the ‘hood.  There were sightings of him and his crew at Pieper Cafe yesterday.

Alright, y’all, have a good weekend!

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