Meet your neighbors: Jennifer Merrill

As we gear up for the Garden Tour this year, we want to take a moment to introduce some of the wonderful Hosts you will be meeting along the way…

Momma Jennifer Merrill & the 3yr old Terrien

Tell us a bit about yourself and your lovely garden:
Single mom who works full-time with an expressive, energetic and extremely friendly 3yr old helper! Our Garden is where I would spend all my time if I could. its one project after another. Our garden is currently ranked Silver in the Backyard Habitat Certification Program but we are aiming for Gold Certification this year. We have a veggie garden, LOTS of edibles and well NW Natives galore…oh and a HUGE play-structure for junior!

What unique aspect about your garden or its history would you like to share?
Fotinia hedge, grass and a huge yard debris pile is what we ultimately bought…it has come a long way. My Garden is my therapy and though it definitely isn’t cheaper, it is certainly more enjoyable!

What are your gardening inspirations?
well I am inspired by our creative neighbors and ideas I find on Pinterest…the rest is just my ADHD pouring out into my garden…there is not a lot of rhyme and reason. If it weren’t for the various certifications our garden has it woudld likely be a complete chaos

What brought you to the Foster Powell Community?
Affordability, the size of the house for what I could afford, and an article we had read about how this neighborhood was up and coming…printed in 2006 I think though I no longer have the article, but it was very inspiring and well here we are!

When not gardening, what is your favorite way to enjoy the neighborhood?
just being with my neighbors, I truly see the 9 who live on either side and in front of us as members of our family. Also enjoy walking through the neighborhood, riding our bike, visiting the Bob White (so COOL!) and noshing at Sweetness (Kay the Muffin Lady is so cool says my 3yr old!)

Tell us about community events you enjoy or would like to see in Foster Powell?
The Garden Tour obviously, what a fantastic way to get to know your neighbors and be inspired at the same time. Also enjoy National Night Out! Would love to see something like a FoPo Alley Walk, to bring awareness to our alley-ways for safety & security but also to get neighbors out into the alleys to help clean them up and make a positive presence

Your top 5 plants or elements of your garden
all our beautiful Willamette Valley Natives Our new chickens! Edibles – especially the blueberries and raspberries the hand-laid patio we built our first year in the house the new front arbor my mom built me for this years Mother’s Day!

Your top 5 gardens to visit in Portland
aside from our own and our nearby neighbors… Japanese Garden Leach Botanical Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden Chinese Garden International Rose Test Garden

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Our yard and our super awesome block!!! Sweetness Bakery Starbucks (Powell & 39thish) Home Depot Oregon Zoo

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