What to Look Forward to in New Foster Road Bottle Shop

It goes without saying that there’s no shortage of beer on Foster, especially in the so-called “heart” of the neighborhood.  In just a two-block stretch, there’s Bar Carlo, Bob and Alice’s, O’Malley’s, Da Hui, and Gemini Lounge.  Oh, and Plaid Pantry, too.  Expand that boundary two blocks to the west, and we have even more options: Knuckleheadz, Seven-Eleven, and the Foster Market.  The list grows as you venture in either direction.

That doesn’t mean there’s not room for more.  Last year, Gemini Lounge entered an already crowded bar scene on Foster, and it has largely been a successful venture.  And now, less than a year later, N.W.I.P.A. will enter the scene, too, in the former Guapo space at 6350 SE Foster Rd.  There’s something unique about Daniel Huish and company’s plan for the space, though.  This won’t be just a bar.  Nor will it be just a place to pick up your favorite IPA on the go.

According to the (future) store’s trio of owners, N.W.I.P.A. will have a variety of food to go with their selection of beer that will be available to drink on-site or to go.  Huish expects to have over 70 beers available in various display coolers, which will be bottled to go, but can also be consumed in the shop’s bar, eventual communal tables, or limited outside seating.  The new bottle shop will also have four IPAs on draft that can be bought by the glass, or taken to go in 32-ounce mason jars or 64-ounce growlers.

Sounds like heaven for the beer enthusiast, or a perfect reason to become one if you’re not already.

Not enough?

Yes, this is a bottle shop, but we’re getting a little food and class here, too.  Charcuterie plate. Check.  Artisan blue cheese. Check.  Selection of IPA-paired sandwiches. Check.

Ok, so what’s not to look forward to?  Good beer to stock up on for home, a place to relax and enjoy a pint, tasty snacks, and one less vacant storefront on Foster.

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6 Responses to What to Look Forward to in New Foster Road Bottle Shop

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  2. Jed says:

    Welcom NWIPA!

  3. Just what the neighborhood needs 🙂 And it’s right across the street from my work…looking forward to it!

  4. Lisa says:

    This sounds AMAZING!!!

  5. So excited for a new evening option in the ‘hood!

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