Bottle Shop on Foster? Rumor has it…

Could it be that Foster Road is able to absorb yet another alcohol-related establishment?  Someone thinks so, and I’m not so sure he’d be wrong.  What appears to be plans for a bottleshop and tasting room, an OLCC application confirms that a permit for off-premises and limited on-premises sales is being sought for the former Guapo Comics and Coffee Space (you’re still missed, Guapo).

If this is all true, we’re not talking about another bar.  Rather, you may now have easier access to those craft brews that are hard to find at Fred Meyer, and can haul them off for consumption later.  More plans may be in the works, and it’s unknown whether this establishment will serve beer on site.  If they do, however, I believe Oregon state law would require food to be served as well.

Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.  Let’s just hope it’s not another convenience mart.

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6 Responses to Bottle Shop on Foster? Rumor has it…

  1. Jed says:

    It does not appear to be another convenience mart. This from the Willy Week’s Future Drinking blog: “Daniel Huish has applied to open a bottleshop called N.W.I.P.A. at 6350 SE Foster Rd., in the former location of Guapo Comics and Coffee.”

    Daniel’s e-mail is the OLCC application, if you would like to know more…

  2. I’d be ok if the above blog is connected. The sample menu looks pretty good. Another evening dining option would be nice.

  3. Jeremy Trabue says:

    Latest date on that blog is Sept 2010. So… ?

    Regardless, hurray! if this happens. A decent beer selection is one thing FoPo is severely lacking. It would be nice if the sold comics, too…


  4. Dan Huish says:

    Its true, we are opening a bottle shop in FoPo. We’ll have IPAs only on draft, beer for here and to go, and some good things to eat. The landlord is working on the floors currently, then we’ll start work and be open as soon as possible. If the neighbors have favorite beers, let us know–we’ll try to get what you like. We plan to be at the neighborhood association meeting on June 11th. If you have any questions you can email us at, or call Dan at 5038057342. Thanks! Dan, Jackson, Zoe

  5. MizVerde says:

    You had me at IPA

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