Meet your neighbors: Bondi Nyary

As we gear up for the Garden Tour this year, we want to take a moment to introduce some of the wonderful Hosts you will be meeting along the way…

Bondi Nyary
Bondi Garden & Design

Tell us a bit about yourself and your lovely garden:
I am an artist and a horticulturist. In my garden I get to combine these parts of me as well as nurture my curious side . I love gardening, the puzzles it brings, the beauty, and the food plants provide. I grow perennials, re-seeding annuals, vegetables, herbs, shrubs,and trees.

What unique aspect about your garden or its history would you like to share?
Ive been gardening in my garden a little over a year. The bamboo out front was hedged, the back yard knee deep in weeds, and a giant Butterfly Bush spanned the entire back fence. There were no beds. I am grateful for terrific soil.

What are your gardening inspirations?
All plants, new plants, struggling plants, color, texture, horticultural challenges, design challenges, all the seasons, my yard, and other gardeners inspire me. I aspire to explore plants,design and create relaxing yet stimulating outdoor spaces.

What brought you to the Foster Powell Community?
I had lived in NE Portland for 20 years and was ready for a change. After some research, I saw my house on the RMLS and jumped on it!

When not gardening, what is your favorite way to enjoy the neighborhood?
Walking the alleys, walking to the library, talking to neighbors, cooking pies and sharing with neighbors, getting to know my community.

Tell us about community events you enjoy or would like to see in Foster Powell?
I haven’t been to the neighborhood party in the park on Center St., but I’m looking forward to it this summer.

Your top 5 plants or elements of your garden
Bamboo, now no longer hedged, learning to control it with a river of sand. Plant combinations starting to form. Different gardens within the garden. Greens that grow all year round. Some interesting young trees.

Your top 5 gardens to visit in Portland
Elk Rock Gardens of the Bishops Close Community gardens Leach Botanical Garden Washington Park inc. Japanese Garden Chinese Garden

Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland
Portland Nursery Food Front and New Seasons Norse Hall Portland Art Museum Mt Tabor and Forest Park

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2 Responses to Meet your neighbors: Bondi Nyary

  1. gladstonecommunity says:

    When is the neighborhood party at the park on Center Street (Essex Park)?

    • This is the yearly National Night Out event. It’s a great time, and usually draws a big crowd to go along with the food, live band, and vendors. It’s actually held at Kern Park (yes, on Center Street) in August. I think it’ll be Tuesday, August 5, this year.

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