FoPo Week in Review, Plus Goings on for the Weekend and Beyond

Here we are again, FoPo.  It’s Friday, the sun is out, and the temperature’s a risin’.  Spring is starting to give way to summer, which means more sidewalk happy hours on Foster and a host of neighborhood events over the next few months.

The next several days are supposed to be beautiful…go outside and enjoy them.  Here are your weekend tidbits….

– Mayoral candidate, Charlie Hales, spoke to neighborhood residents at Bar Carlo on Wednesday night. While his spiel was probably very similar to how the other candidates would have presented if they were in his place, he did come across as comfortable in the casual setting, and also seemed content mingling with the crowd, beer in hand. On the Foster area-related questions, he noted that the city’s urban renewal policies must change so they don’t take funding away from schools and other needed amenities. Also, when asked about addressing traffic safety concerns on Foster Road, he somewhat vaguely stated the city needs to first gain public trust and then find funding. He gets a pass for not answering the question directly, as I’m sure none of the major candidates have a grasp on the goings on along Foster, but it should be noted that funding has been found…and the city can gain our trust by putting it to use sooner than later. The same question will be posed to Jefferson Smith when he’s in the neighborhood.

– Speaking of which, what do you think about Jefferson Smith‘s grand entry into FoPo? Well, I suppose it still remains to be seen, but…March Fourth Marching Band as a lead-in, and at the location (Bob White Theatre) where many in the neighborhood are pegging their hopes on restoration, invigoration and growth. Somewhat symbolic if you ask me. This event will be on Saturday, from 3-6. Come see what he has to say, and make sure to ask the tough questions that matter to you.

– A couple neighborhood businesses will be celebrating their presence in the ‘hood next weekend. Put it on the calendar, May 19th:  Salon Mojo will be celebrating two years on  Foster, and Gemini Lounge will be holding their official grand opening. Grand openings are always fun, even if they are several months after first opening.  Salon Mojo’s event starts at 3pm, and Gemini’s will go on through the night.

– The events at Mojo and Gemini will just be icing on the cake, as next Saturday is also Foster Art Night.  If you missed it last month, here’s the skinny:  participating businesses open their doors and walls for art (predetermined) and its lovers; some of our local bars coordinate live music with the event; share in libations with the rest of the neighborhood. Simple and sweet, but we’re also hoping to expand, so if you have ideas of how to get involved, feel free to contact us.  Just as a reminder…the early happenings are family friendly, as you can bring your kids to most stops (Torta-landia is kid friendly; ditto for O’Malley’s in the front room before 8pm).

Kidopolis is now open, and we have another place to bring the kids in the neighborhood. Check ’em out and let us know what you think.

– Another round of props go to the dedicated residents of Mt. Scott-Arleta (MSA) who are fighting the proposed cell phone tower for Foster Road.  While Verizon was given a green light to proceed with their plans by city council (boo!), the MSA neighborhood association is taking their case to the state’s Land Use Board of Appeals.  Just this Monday, Southeast Uplift voted to support their appeal with a $400 donation to help pay for filing fees and other costs associated with the process.

– Don’t forget to vote next week.  Ballots need to be turned in by Tuesday.

Happy weekend, y’all!  As always, feel free to let us know about other goings on and happnin’ stuff.

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