Meet Your Neighbors: Ronit Fahl

Ronit Fahl

Who are you?
I’m a freelance portrait and editorial photographer. I live in an old bungalow with my husband and our three cats.

What do you do?
I shoot portraits of people and spaces. One of my projects highlights long-time businesses and their owners on Foster. I’ve lived in Portland a long time, and I’d been feeling that the media only focuses on certain people and aspects of the city. But Portland is so much more than the sum of its parts. You can keep up with the project here:

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)
I am deeply inspired by people and their stories! So much of shooting for me is that process of learning more about a person, taking the time to really see and get to know him.

What brought you and/or your business to the Foster-Powell Community?
I think the neighborhood found us! We had always lived in SE neighborhoods, and I’d been picking up baking supplies from The Decorette Shop since the mid-90s. It’s a neighborhood with a lot of realness and soul, we’ve been here ten years now and we continue to love it.

What is your favorite way to enjoy Foster?
Walking up and down the street shooting the buildings and murals, with pit stops in The Gun Room for some archery practice and Slingshot for a cocktail.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster
This blog is already a great way to unite people in the neighborhood. I’d love to find a way to get people to join the conversation who don’t have online access, or who don’t feel comfortable writing. Foster Art Night is a fabulous idea too. And how about a farmer’s market?

How do you envision the future of Foster?
Walking that line between revitalization and gentrification can be a fine one. But if any neighborhood can celebrate the new while honoring the old, Foster-Powell is it. I welcome new businesses, but I will continue to buy bread at Russian Elegance Bakery and salad rolls at Pal Do.

Some top fives to appease the list lovers……

Your Top Five Songs to get you through life?
1. Frosch, Mouse on Mars 2. In Bluer Skies, Echo and the Bunnymen 3. Chocolate Elvis, Tosca 4. Everything’s Gone Green, New Order 5. OFI, Model 500

Your Top Five Haunts in Portland
1. Slingshot Lounge 2. El Bien Gusto Papuseria 3. Rock n’ Rose for vintage 4. Happy Hour at Gold Dust Meridian 5. The Rhododendron Garden

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One Response to Meet Your Neighbors: Ronit Fahl

  1. Tamra says:

    Thanks for sharing, your photography of Foster Powell is inspiring! The heart and soul of the neighborhood really speaks through your work. I hope you keep up your photo logs of our streets and neighbors and we see your work up at a FAN night soon 🙂

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