Your Neighborhood Association Board Calls You

With all the energy swirling around the neighborhood, and the perfect storm of development, potential funding for streetscape improvements, and events drawing in the community, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved.  

While we do not represent the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association, we can certainly acknowledge the work they do and encourage their continued and increased advocacy and promotion for the neighborhood.  Joining the NA board is just one way to get involved in the neighborhood, and if you have an inclination to do so, or have a specific goal or skill set you’d like to bring to the table, board elections are taking place next Monday, 5/14.

As mentioned above, there is a great deal of energy circulating in the neighborhood, and optimism abounds for what the future holds for FoPo.  It is important that that energy is maintained and put to good use, so if you’d like to bring your presence to the board, you are highly encouraged.  New members are especially encouraged, so as to better promote diversity, new ideas and energy.

At this point, many positions are up for grabs, so if you’re interested, please feel free to email us for position descriptions.  

Possible open positions:

– Chair or co-chair
– Secretary/treasure
– Southeast Uplift Delegate
– At-large positions 

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5 Responses to Your Neighborhood Association Board Calls You

  1. Aaron says:

    Call me ignorant, but maybe you (or someone involved with the NA) could describe each position and its duties / time requirements in more detail?

  2. Tamra says:

    Hi Aaron, I posted a link to the summary of these positions provided by the Southeast Uplift website. I can’t speak from experience because I haven’t served on the board, but it’s a good resource for the basics. I agree with Jeffrey here, there is a lot of great energy in the neighborhood, I’m sure whomever steps up and offers to volunteer their time, even if trying if for the first time, will have the support and assistance from the neighborhood as a whole. It’s a great time for our neighborhood association to increase membership and go after funding for projects and improvements!

  3. Aaron says:

    @Tamra, thanks — will check it out.

  4. osufem says:

    What at-large positions are open right now?

  5. Tamra says:

    Hi, here’s what I can figure out from reading the by laws (link below):
    The Foster Powell N.A. bylaws state we can have no more than 15 board members. After considering the following: Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, Land Use Chair, Transportation Chair, Delegate to SE Uplift, and Land Use and Transportation Delegate to SE Uplift, we have the option of (8) Board Members at Large. We have (3) actively serving, leaving at least (5) board positions open.
    As I see it, the heart and soul of the N.A. are the Board Members at Large. These members can head up committees that meet outside of our monthly meeting. Here’s where the ideas, passion, and energy come to grow. Committee ideas are brought back to the N.A. meetings by submitting a proposal to the Chairperson and can be presented to the members for a general vote. An At Large board member can fill in for the chair positions if needed which could be a good way to learn more about these roles too.
    It’s a great neighborhood really and it deserves a little dedication right now. There is a certain formalness to the whole association structure, but if we can work within that, there are opportunities for grants, events, meeting neighbors, fostering arts, increased communication, volunteering, road safety, you name it!

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