Happy Weekend, FoPo…Goings on in and Around the ‘hood

The sun returns this weekend, and there’s plenty going on in the ‘hood and out:  Farmers’ markets are making all their returns; Cinco de Mayo; workshops; mayoral candidates stumping in the neighborhoods; spring cleaning; and of course, a libation or two.

Before we get too far in our post, though, we want to acknowledge the passing of MCA and the contributions he and the Beastie Boys have made to the music world.  RIP Adam Yauch.

And now onto your weekend tidbits….

– The Neighborhood Cleanup is this Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., at Arleta Elementary.  Finish your spring cleaning and support the Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Associations.  $8 per carload; $15-20 for pickups.  Hazardous waste is not accepted, nor is concrete, yard debris, or electrical parts.  Most everything else is welcome for dropoff.

– Also this Saturday, on a more festive tip, Torta-landia will be the place to be for your Cinco de Mayo celebration in the neighborhood.  Live music, food and drink specials, and break-dancing…or whatever moves you can bring.  Food and drink specials will be served all day; festivities start at 7 p.m..

– It’s not too early to start making plans for the next Foster Art Night (FAN).  Let’s make May’s event bigger and radder.  Remember, every third Saturday we’ll be promoting the local art scene…and maybe helping out our local businesses in the process.  Last month, Slingshot Lounge, Torta-landia, Gemini Lounge, and O’Malley’s all participated.  We’d like to see other businesses get in on the action, so if you’re interested in being a stop and displaying art or hosting live music, let us know.  The next FAN is May 19th.

– We were inspired by the community support in helping bring one of our neighbors’ cats home.  After Tabor went missing, the blog and facebook page became central command, and all that good energy finally brought Tabor back to her owner, Tamra.  Good showing of support, FoPo.

– Mayoral candidate, Charlie Hales is returning to the neighborhood…this time on the other side of Foster.  After stumping in Mt. Scott-Arleta a few weeks ago, he’ll be doing his best to get the votes of FoPoians while speaking at Bar Carlo this coming Wednesday, May 9, from 7 p.m. to 8:30.

– Not to be outdone by ol’ Chuck, and to show his love for FoPo in a much bigger way, Jefferson Smith will be seeking votes locally next Saturday, May 12, at the Bob White Theatre.  Smith will be trying to outdo the other two likely mayoral hopefuls last minute, and he’ll be doing it with the help of the March Fourth Marching Band, who’ll be accompanying him on stage.  And speaking of the others, there haven’t been any Eileen Brady sightings in the neighborhood yet.

– Don’t forget about the Tree Care workshop starting this Saturday at Mt. Scott Community Center.  Come out and learn the basics of planting, pruning, and general tree maintenance…and help support and increase our local canopy.

– Finally, to wet your appetite for neighborhood events even more…get ready for a summer series of events at the Bob White Theatre.  Starting in June, “The Reconstruction” will be upon us.  This will be the defining moment for the Bob White’s rebirth.  We’ve already welcomed the theater’s revival with open arms, and the neighborhood appreciation party was a resounding success.  Now the historic theater takes the next step and shows itself off as a legit events venue.  For June, there will be two weekend-long events, both of which will cater to all in the neighborhood, young or old.  If you want to get involved as an artist, performer, craft vendor, or even lecturer, email us or get more information at LGA Creative’s Crafty Underdog website.

– Oh, and before we leave you for the weekend…one more collective “boooo” to Amanda Fritz and the rest of city council for giving Verizon the go ahead to erect a cell tower on the Mt. Scott Fuel site.  Before breaking out the pitchforks, though, we can spare Randy Leonard, as he was the only commissioner to back the neighborhood’s opposition to Verizon’s plans.  Kudos to you, Randy.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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One Response to Happy Weekend, FoPo…Goings on in and Around the ‘hood

  1. Rachel says:

    We noticed that the barrier in the Subway/ Speedboat parking lot wasn’t there when we went by yesterday. Has the issue been resolved?

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