Happy Weekend, FoPo!

As much cheerleading as we do for Foster-Powell and the surrounding neighborhoods, we sometimes tend too much toward hyperlocal.  I suppose that’s what this blog is intended for, but it should be mentioned on occasion that we live in a pretty rad city, too…not just a rad neighborhood.

With that in mind, and to coincide with City Council’s passing of the Portland Plan, we’re leaving you with a different kind of video today (sorry, no music this week).  We promise, though, it’s well worth your four minutes, and is surely to get you all warm and fuzzy about the city we live in.

Now, with a more Portland-centric focus this week, we’d also like to point your attention again to the city’s passing of the Portland Plan.  While it may just be a vague guide detailing Portlanders’ hopes for future growth and development in the city, you should at least check it out and see how the city was able to include public input through several upon several community workshops and other forms of outreach in the document, and then use it as a framework for how we move the city forward in the next 25 years.  In the coming weeks, we’ll try to make this plan more relevant to the Foster area by sharing our thoughts on what the Portland Plan means for us.

And now, more tidbits to carry you into the weekend…

– The 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade is this Saturday, April 28th.  The fun starts at Eastport Plaza at 10 a.m., at which point the route goes north.  As much as we talk about Foster Road, it should be noted that 82nd Avenue forms one of our boundaries and is part of what defines us as a neighborhood, too.

– According to the Portland Afoot blog, one of the key differences between current city council member, Amanda Fritz, and her challenger, Mary Nolan, is their views on streetcars.  Portland Afoot points out the difference with the following:

“Fritz thinks Streetcar is mostly a way to encourage denser development; Nolan sees Streetcar as transportation for places that are already dense. If Streetcar expands further, Fritz would prioritize building a standalone Streetcar loop in Lents. Nolan would prioritize expansion into the Lloyd District.”

Obviously, what stands out here is the idea that Lents could be a potential site for a streetcar loop under a Fritz plan.  One more reason to pay attention to the upcoming elections.

– If you’re into gaming, and sleep deprivation has little effect on you, Red Castle Games is your place this weekend.  Starting today (Friday) at noon, Red Castle will be open for 36 hours, taking them to a midnight closing Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Why, you ask?  It’s a pre-release event for Avacyn Restored, of course.  And there’s rumor of “demon and angel themed shenanigans,” too, among other things.  Free pizza for the gamers.

– The date for the FoPo Garden Tour has been announced.  More information will come later, but it’s advised you save June 16th on your calendar.  This is a fun event, whether you’re into gardening or not.

– Uh, Pieper Cafe has some pretty tasty sandwiches.  If the Stumptown coffee and back-room pinball machine wasn’t enough, you should check out their lineup of treats.  The sandwiches are great, and there’s usually a new special of the day, as well as a rotation of soup.  Check ’em out.

– Thanks to everyone who showed up at Torta-landia for the first official Foster Small Business meet-up on Wednesday.  It was great to talk about our visions for Foster Road, as well as get a diverse group of neighbors and business owners together.  There’s more to come, so stay tuned.

Happy weekend, y’all.

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One Response to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. Hey, glad you found that post interesting! Me too. Our page on the Streetcar System Concept Plan has more on the proposal to put a standalone Streetcar loop a bit north of Lents/FoPo. This was the first I’ve heard specifically about a Lents loop.

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