FoPo…through the eyes of another realtor

From the McDonald Group Realtors:

“Widely recognized as one of the fastest growing on-the-rise neighborhoods in Portland, Foster Powell (affectionately known as FoPo by residents and locals) is a diverse area filled with unique shopping, tree-lined streets, and some of the most talked about restaurants in town. Within five years, Foster Powell will be as hip as NE Alberta or N Mississippi, as restaurant and entertainment investors have already shown a large rise in interest in the area, though it will no doubt keep its quirky, creative character.”

“The best description of Foster Powell comes from resident Colleen: “I’ve never known a place so filled with people dedicated to chewing over their own ideas, rather than grazing the corn-syrup sweet grass of mass media. People here do stuff. Sure, there are a lot of televisions on around here, but there are also tennis playing clans, painters, gardening masters, stubbly musicians, dancers, carpenters and the random miniature-train-set-builder… Not to mention Chinese families blossoming in backyard barbecues, street signs in Russian, vibrant and exotic murals, and strong livers (in both senses). These people are interesting enough to last through summers of over-the-fence discussions.””

And I thought we were overly optimistic about our neighborhood.  I’m sure this is run of the mill, real estate sell-speak, but it’s nice to see some favorable projections for the neighborhood.  Does this mean the Felony Flats moniker no longer applies?

A few side notes:

– Colleen, who was quoted in the above description, is a former FosterPowellPdx blogger

– Guapo Comics and Coffee got some love in the full rundown.  R.I.P.

– Ditto for Amor.

– For shits and giggles:  if they were to update this piece, Gemini Lounge, Somaphile Movement Studio, the Bob White Theatre, Red Castle Games, Mojo Salon, a couple tattoo shops, Pieper Cafe, and Carts on Foster would all be new additions.  Talk about change….

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One Response to FoPo…through the eyes of another realtor

  1. Awesome! As a brand-spanking-new resident, it’s nice to hear so many cheery assessments of the neighborhood. We’re planning to stay, so looking forward to learning more about our new, beloved place! So happy to find this blog – keep up the great work!

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