FoPo, as seen by “Portland By Foot” blogger

“Portland By Foot” blogger and real estate agent, Alyssa Starelli, set out over a year ago to capture every Portland neighborhood by (you guessed it) foot.  Seeking to explore every quadrant of the city, and see every home within them, Starelli has been snapping photos along the way and documenting some of her findings.

Since her journey began in 2011, she’s captured FoPo in three different segments, leaving viewers with her own impressions of the neighborhood, as well as a nice montage of homes that represent the quality of the area.

Alyssa was able to sum up her observations of the neighborhood with the following:

“Firstly, I have a disdain for Foster, can’t say why exactly, but I tend to think that anything skirting it is a bit shabby, but alas, NO, I am proven wrong! This is a sweet area of fairly well tended to homes and streets, with a mix of farm houses, victorians, bungalows, mid-century traditionals, and ranches.  I was really impressed and would say that if you’re looking for a nice neighborhood, fairly close in, in a very affordable area, this one shouldn’t be overlooked….It’s a very urban-feeling neighborhood with tons of  untapped potential. A bit ramshackle is places, but some neighbors are obviously putting in the hours and creating really nice homes for themselves! ” 

Sounds about right.

For your viewing interest, we’ve linked the three segments below.

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