FoPo goings on…for your weekend and beyond

Time seems to be flying lately.  With almost two weeks down in April, and a weekend of sun and 65 degree weather, I’m already looking forward to summer.  I also work at a school, though, so my forward thinking is a bit stress-induced.  Happy Friday the 13th, FoPo.

Now on to your weekend tidbits….

– The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association will be holding their annual board elections at the May 14th meeting.  If you want to get more involved with the neighborhood, have events you’d like to plan, or changes you’d like to see, this would be a good opportunity to make it happen.  The NA is always looking for new blood and fresh ideas, so consider showing up at the least.

– Foster Art Night?  Yep!  Next Saturday, April 21st.  If you need an excuse to get out and walk the town, art on Foster can be the reason…not that you need an excuse.  Do your Foster boogie from the Slingshot Lounge to Gemini Lounge, with stops at Torta-Landia, and maybe more.  What’s not to like about art, live music, readings and tasty cocktails?  This will be a monthly event, so let’s kick it off how we know how, FoPo.

– You already knew about Craft Night.  Ditto for Sunday night’s Walking Dead, or whatever show is current.  There’s also Big Gay Mondays, if you’re not hip to it already.  Now Bar Carlo is adding “B Movie Wednesday.”  Yes, indeed.  Food and drink is good enough, but now you have even more reasons to get out of the house on Wednesdays.

– The Foster-Lents Integration Partnership (FLIP) held a community engagement workshop this Tuesday, and from the feedback we’ve received, there hasn’t been a whole lot of engaging the community.  The FLIP is supposed to be another tool to help jump-start the Foster Corridor, something PDC has vowed to do, and what the Foster Streetscape was supposed to help with.  Still…nothing.  If you’re tired of waiting and would like to explore ways of improving Foster on your own, or as a community, check out this article published on Neighborhood Notes.  Perhaps we start our own tree-planting/art installment/depaving campaign.  Who’s in?

– First it was Charlie Hales.  Now it’s Jefferson Smith gracing the outer Southeast environs with his hopeful-mayoralness.  Space Monkey was the first to bring a candidate for mayor to the neighbordhood.  This time it’s the Bob White Theatre, a decidedly bigger venue.  Mark your calendars: May 12th.  Again, we won’t take a political stance on this blog, but it is nice to see our political bigwigs take notice of FoPo and Mt. Scott-Arleta.  While they all vye for our votes now, let’s hope whoever takes the mayor’s seat won’t forget us when they’re in office.

Happy weekend, y’all!  Enjoy the sun!

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