O’Malley’s Makes the Willy Week’s 2012 Drink Guide

For yet another year, O’Malley’s makes the cut in the Willamette Week’s 2012 Drink Guide.  With the amount of bars on Foster, we’re not surprised someone’s taking notice.  And O’Malley’s is certainly worthy of recognition.  It’s somewhat surprising the Slingshot and/or Gemini Lounge didn’t receive mention, but I suppose FoPo can only take so many accolades.

Peep what Willy had to say…..

“The mark of a great neighborhood bar is its reflection of the people who call it home. O’Malley’s, then, is the perfect oasis for Foster-Powell, given the kooky sum of its parts. What appears from the street to be an Irish dive bar serves up exceptional pizza and pasta from a stone hearth, paired with strong mixed drinks quaffed by denizens ranging from metal-heads to young families and blue-collar gents. These folks all get along amicably, and seem to know each other from daily life (which, for many, exists mainly at O’Malley’s), whether they’re playing on the vintage “Night Moves” pinball machine or shooting pool. It’s hard to find a bar’s bar where everybody knows your name—even the dude with facial tats—like they do at O’Malley’s…even if the name they call you isn’t the right one. APK.

Drink this: The early-bird special from 3 to 6 pm, which for $10 nets you a 10-inch pizza and a microbrew (or “a couple crappy brews”), is one of the best bar combos in town.

Happy hour: 50 cents off drinks, 3-6 pm Monday-Friday.

Entertainment: Free pool and foosball, pinball, video games, video poker, live music, Metal Mondays, trivia (Quizzy), TV, jukebox.

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