Happy weekend, FoPo! What will you be doing?

With St. Paddy’s Day behind us, and presumably the last of this year’s snow melted, this week’s start to spring may actually feel more official this weekend, as we’ll see some sun and hover in the 50’s.  Perhaps now you can all get into your gardens.  Enjoy, FoPo!

We don’t have a lot to report on in the way of weekend events in the neighborhood, so perhaps you can share your weekend plans with us.  However, we do have a few tidbits for you as we end the work week….

– Earlier this week, we mentioned a few dates to mark on your calendars.  With the annual neighborhood cleanup approaching, as well as planning for this year’s FoPo Garden Tour, we forgot to mention a few other dates to keep in mind.  On April 28th, Eastport Plaza and the 82nd Avenue of Roses Business Association will be hosting the 6th annual 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade.  Starting at Eastport Plaza (82nd/Holgate) at 10 am, the parade will march along SE 82nd, by Portland Community College’s SE campus, and then to SE 78th and Yamhill where it will conclude.  While we focus so much on Foster Road, it shouldn’t be forgotten that much of our neighborhood character and vitality is linked to SE 82nd Avenue.  Mark your calendars.

– This week’s big news was the announcement of a neighborhood appreciation party at the Bob White Theatre.  With much anticipation, this event will take place next Saturday, March 31, at 7pm.  There will be live music, dancing, food, and plenty ‘a good time.  This will be the first time the theater opens its doors for entertainment in several years.  Aside from the occasional estate sale and neighborhood cleanup, it’ll also be the first real look at the theater as a performance space.  No doubt, we’ll see you there.

Brainstorming Foster Road?  As the discussion turns to how best to use $3.25 million that has been designated for the Foster Streetscape Plan, we need to decide as a community how we want the plan implemented.  The PDC has already contracted with a consultant to determine investment strategies along Foster, and now the city will be figuring out how to refresh the original plan and implement the portions of it that can be afforded.  So, before the city makes decisions that will shape the character of our neighborhood, it’s time to share your ideas.  We’ll be soliciting ideas frequently over the coming months, but starting the discussion now is important.  So what would you like to see changed/improved on Foster?  How can we best address safety concerns?  Do we want bike lanes added?  Street trees?  Let us know.  We’ll soon transfer this conversation to its own thread, but feel free to share now.

More on Kidopolis   The owner of Kidopolis, which will be open in April, shared the following with me in regards to their vision and goal for the site (at 69th and Foster):
At Kidopolis we took the things we love at OMSI/Children’s Museum and brought them together. Our vision here is to offer a more neighborhood friendly feel, with different events going on weekly that involve the community. On a daily basis, we’ll be a place for kids to come with their parents and have a great time exploring our “city for kids”.”

This sounds like a welcome addition to the neighborhood, and we look forward to the activities they’ll provide for the many kids and families in FoPo.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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One Response to Happy weekend, FoPo! What will you be doing?

  1. ongbike says:

    I’d love to see Foster become a safe, bikeable street. I’m car-free in Fo-Po, all bike all the time, and while it’s easy enough to get around within the neighborhood, or to leave the neighborhood, it’s actually kind of a huge pain to frequent businesses on Foster. I think it would really bring a ton of business to the area, for both existing and prospective shops and restaurants.

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