FoPo week in review, and goings on for the weekend

We hope you’ve enjoyed the last few days of sun.  It’s been wondrous, and certainly makes  us crave those warm, summer days of sitting in front of Slingshot, Bar Carlo, or O’Malley’s while soaking up some Vitamin D.  Hopefully you’ve been able to make the most of it, as our early spring tease of sun will be turning to rain this weekend.

Now, on to your weekly tidbits….

– The Bob White Theatre is hosting a volunteer cleanup party this Saturday, March 10.  From 9am to 3pm, groove to some music and get a glimpse of the future of Foster while sprucing the place up for a spring cleaning.  Coffee and doughnuts will be provided.  Come one, come all.

– If you haven’t yet noticed, the depiction of Foster’s own “yo mama” is no longer.  The former owner of Yo Mama’s Coffee and Tea, and her likeness in a coffee cup on the wall at 65th and Foster, have been gone for a few weeks now, which, combined with the still-painful-loss of Guapo, leaves this stretch of Foster bereft of a coffee house.  Fortunately, Speedboat Coffee, just up the street on 51st and Foster, is still going strong and serving up fresh cups of Stumptown daily.  For a closer look at Speedboat and its owner, check out the profile we did of them a few months ago.  And for those that live on this end of Foster and eagerly await another coffee shop, hope is alive, as the future Piper (sp?) cafe will be hoping for better results in the former Yo Mama’s space, with an expected opening of April 1.

– Bring the whole family to O’Malley’s.  Yes, it’s a bar, but they serve up a mean pizza and kids are welcome until 8pm.  The only caveat is that kids are restricted to the front part of the building.  That’s not such a bad thing, though, as the windows provide the best view of Foster and there are games aplenty to keep the kids occupied.

– Pub Quiz at Torta-Landia tonight.  Actually, every Friday night…starts at 6:30.

More murals in the ‘hood?  Yes, thanks.  The former Phoenix Pharmacy building, at SE 67th and Foster, as well as the back side of our newest, most “welcome” convenience store, 7-11, will be adding more color and life to the neighborhood with murals driven and created by the community.  The “Foster the Phoenix” project will overlook the neighborhood with a depiction of “old Foster” on the top half of the West-facing wall. This project will commence sometime before Fun on Foster in September, with an official unveiling at that event.  As for the 7-11 building, the south-facing wall on Holgate will get a facelift thanks to the Mt. Scott Learning Center across the street.  Both of these projects will be receiving grant funding from the City’s Graffiti Abatement program.  For another example of a project receiving similar funding, look no further than the Tango Berretin building.  Much thanks to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, as well as Southeast Uplifts grant selection committee, for helping to bring more art to the neighborhood.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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3 Responses to FoPo week in review, and goings on for the weekend

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    Also for those of you on the east side of Foster Powell is Lents Commons, the cafe/bar/performance space on 92nd. Check ’em out if you haven’t been there, and if you have, consider a donation at their Kickstarter page to make sure they stick around:

  2. cee vee says:

    Have you heard of the dispute between Speedboat and it’s neighboring Subway which has resulted in an orange fence blocking access to drive through from Foster??

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