Happy weekend, FoPo!

Three day weekend!  Thanks, Abe…thanks, George.

It looks like a fairly uneventful weekend ahead, and there isn’t a whole lot to recap from the week either.  So, aside from a few tidbits, maybe we can hear from you:  what are you all going to do this weekend?  Any news you’d like to share?

– As reported earlier, our poll showed overwhelming support for bike and potential streetcar improvements on Foster Road.  When given the choice between bikes and streetcar, most felt bikes would be the easiest and most cost-effective transit improvement.  That means folks are looking for bike lanes, bike lockers, etc.  However, if given the choice to have both, streetcar and bike facilities, the majority of respondents put their favor there.  Thanks to everyone who commented and let their vision for Foster be known.

– Speaking of best ways to use Foster, remember that FoPo was ranked as the 26th most walkable neighborhood in Portland.  This may not seem great, but out of 92 neighborhoods, it puts us in the top third.  In fact, based on one metric, we’re more walkable than Montavilla and Woodstock.  Add in potential bike lanes, or even a future streetcar, and all of the sudden a 20-minute neighborhood can exist in outer Southeast Portland.  There’s potential in Lents, too.  We just need that grocery store.

Coffee with Alissa?  Come meet your House District 46 Rep, Alissa Keny-Guyer, at Bar Carlo this Sunday, February 19th, from 3:30 to 4:30.  The informal meet and greet will give you access to our current and hopeful future representative in Salem.  Keny-Guyer recently replaced Oregon House Rep. Ben Cannon, who was a big advocate for our neighborhood, and was partially responsible for the Foster Town Hall meeting in 2010, which was meant to urge the city to implement safety improvements (yes, nearly two years ago) on Foster Road.  His replacement, Keny-Guyer, has offered similar support and we hope to count her as another advocate in Salem.

– PBOT has two more open houses to discuss community concerns regarding the city’s high-crash corridors.  This is a great venue to keep our concerns about Foster Road on the table.  Make your voices heard!  The next meeting is on February 29th at Robert Gray Middle School in SW Portland.  Closer to home, the last open house will be on March 7th at Harrison Park K-8 School, on 87th and Division.  Let us know if you need more details.

– The Bob White Theatre is having another estate sale this Saturday, 2/18.  Again, this is a great opportunity to take a peek inside and see what magic is to become.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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One Response to Happy weekend, FoPo!

  1. Nick Falbo says:

    Lion’s Eye 3rd year anniversary party is on Saturday.


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