What do you love about your neighborhood?

Valentine’s Day is here.  For most, that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Nor does it to us, necessarily.  It certainly doesn’t rank up there with Halloween or Thanksgiving, or any of the other important dates that translate to a day off work, for that matter.  There is something to be said, though, about a day dedicated to love.  And as such, we’re going to go with that theme and profess our love for the neighborhood.

That means you, FoPo.  We love your grit.  We love that you were affordable when we were seeking greener pastures.  We love that brunch is just a short walk away, and that a cocktail can be had whenever and wherever (pretty much).  We love that you have depth and character, and that you are rich with diversity.  We (sort of) love that the scrap metal in our yards is never really safe, but that it just comes with the territory.  We love to dream about you, and continue to dream for a day when we’ll love your restaurants and bike lanes and shops and movie theater.  We love you, FoPo.

Now we want to hear from you, our readers and fellow Fopoians.  What is it that you love about your neighborhood?

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5 Responses to What do you love about your neighborhood?

  1. Jed says:

    I love the alleys. FoPo is the only neighborhood in SE Portland where they are common. A defining feature in my mind.

  2. The alleys definitely make us unique. I sometimes question who’s creeping in the alleyway behind us, but it’s a feature that no other neighborhood has.

  3. Nicole says:

    Alleys are cool, even if they are not unique to this corner of town (Ladd’s Addition comes to mind). I like (sometimes) that we are neither too far out nor too close in relative to the center of the city.

  4. jlg6280 says:

    Being able to walk to everything! Library, grocery, refreshment, decent food, community center (oops, that is in the n-hood do the south…..), a few parks, 3 major bus lines (9,17,14), killer garden tour, Bob White Theatre revival. Oh FoPo how I love thee – let me count thy ways.

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