Happy weekend, FoPo!

The weekend is upon us, FoPo.  As we look forward to a couple days off, it should be noted how much we appreciate all of those who support FosterPowellPdx. We do this blog solely for the community, and it’s your viewership that keeps us going.  We are so encouraged by the comments you leave, and are inspired by those who take an active interest in their neighborhood.  As a reminder, we always welcome ideas, suggestions, and guest submissions.

Now…on to the weekend tidbits.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re leaving you with a locals-only, hip-hop showcase of Portland.   Enjoy!

– The Bob White Theatre (yes, that’s theatre with an “re”) had a successful estate sale. Many showed up just to get a peek inside, and to see the magic that awaits, but a lot of unique items were sold, too.  Word is, some showed up who used to frequent the theater in its heyday.  I’m sure I’m speaking for everyone, but this will be such an exciting addition to the neighborhood, and we can hardly wait.

– Red Castle Games has officially moved.  Don’t worry, gamers, they’ve only moved next door.  The space is bigger and it looks great.  If you haven’t already, check them out.  They run a good business, and they’re a great asset to our commercial district.  In fact, dare I say, other than a couple bars and one restaurant, they probably have the most consistent crowd of any commercial space on Foster

– It appears the city may be taking pedestrian and traffic safety seriously now.  As reported on BikePortland.org, Portland’s Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is conducting open house sessions to address community concerns for traffic safety.  As you know, Foster Road has been identified as a high-crash corridor and will be one of the thoroughfares discussed in the open houses.  Much of the discussion on Foster Road will stem from the city’s findings in an “..Existing Conditions Report,” as well as, I’m sure, the recent death of Jason Lee Grant.  Amongst the other data in this report, it is cited that Foster has an incidence of crash rate 60% higher than the rest of the city.  It also notes that there have been at least 12 fatalities on Foster Road since 2000.  Something needs to be done.

– Speaking of transportation, TriMet’s attempt to cover their expected $17 million budget shortfall will leave FoPo’s bus services relatively spared.  The 9 (Powell) and 17 (Holgate) will see some changes, but only in the form of route changes in NW Portland; nothing changes on the East side, which means the typical wait time for a bus probably won’t be any longer.  The 14 (Foster/Hawthorne) did not have any proposed changes to service.  On the downside, you can probably expect to pay a little more.

Happy weekend, y’all!

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2 Responses to Happy weekend, FoPo!

  1. Tony Lynott says:

    As a grateful beneficiary of your FoPo blogs I salute all the good bloggers who work so hard to keep us informed on Portland’s jewel in the crown,,,,,,,,the wonderful community of Foster Powell. Well done.

    Tony Lynott
    Thomastown, Ireland

  2. It’s quite a claim to have international viewership. Thanks, Dad….you’re swell.

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