From boozy to hip

Are the bars on Foster a sign of things to come?

With long, drab stretches of concrete dotted with vacant or underused storefronts, and what seems like a disproportionately high number of bars wedged between and around them, most would not automatically characterize Foster Road as a hotbed of hip.  However, a recent article published by GOOD magazine may suggest otherwise.

“In a way, liquor is the lifeblood of the modern urban neighborhood. Where it flows, growth often seems to follow.”

The GOOD article points to a Brooklyn neighborhood, once gritty and rough around the edges, much like Foster, that saw a turnaround as more bars started opening.  Now, many of these bars were, indeed, new, and this may be the contrasting element.  However, similarities do exist.  The same Brooklyn neighborhood saw an uptick in people riding bikes in and through the neighborhood; all of the sudden there were 20- and 30- something hipsters lingering around; young professionals had slowly been moving into the neighborhood.  Maybe the booze, lottery machines, and general drear of Foster is just an interim phase, because there are some common themes here.  And Foster certainly has its share of new bars, and even more than a couple that would be classified as “hip” (think Gemini or Slingshot).

So what does this all mean?  Are we meant to ride the wave of booze and bars to the promised land?

Perhaps there’s no correlation at all.  Indeed, we could be stretching things here.  It is food for thought, however, and worth considering.  Let us know what you think.

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4 Responses to From boozy to hip

  1. Ruben Medina says:

    I think that bars are very important in keeping a neighborhood alive. From a business point of view, Bar are cheap to run and cheap for the customer. They are also the most common social environment for the largest group of people. Most people like beer or cocktails, but not vegan food for example. In short the bars are here to stay and I think its a good thing.

  2. Patrick says:

    I think bars/clubs are an important start for the growth of an area…they bring folks to a part of town they wouldn’t otherwise go to. The problem is in order for them to come back there needs to be more options…we need more restaurants, coffee houses and stores to bring people to our area during the day.

  3. Bars certainly add to the vibrancy of a neighborhood (although we can probably point to cases where the opposite is true, as well), and create a nightlife that would be difficult to create without them. In the case of Foster Road, they’ll eventually help provide future restaurants with a built-in clientele, and vice versa.

    Patrick, I share a similar hope of more shops drawing people to Foster during the day. We have plenty of storefronts…just need someone to invest.

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