Happy weekend, FoPo!

As we wrap up a somber week in FoPo, in which friends, family and neighbors mourned the death of Jason Lee Grant as he attempted to cross Foster Road last Saturday, we can take solace in the fact the hit-and-run driver responsible for Lee’s death finally came forward and will face two counts of aggravated vehicle homicide.  We can also hope the city takes notice and works toward preventing this from happening again.

To keep track of, as well as to further push the city’s progress on improving pedestrian/traffic safety on Foster, get involved with your local Neighborhood Association (NA), whether that be Foster-Powell or Mt. Scott-Arleta.  Both are making significant inroads to bringing the Foster Streetscape Plan to fruition.  You can follow that progress here, as the respective NA’s are working tirelessly to urge the city, PDC, and PBOT into action.

Now on to your weekend tidbits:

– Don’t believe the groundhog.  It is beautiful out, and the forecast calls for a week full of more sun.

– If you’re out and about tonight, Steven Kray, from KMHD’s Drop Shop, will be spinning sumpin funky at the Gemini Lounge, 9pm to 1am.

– Speaking of Gemini Lounge…they’ll be closed this Superbowl Sunday.  Where will you be watching/boycotting the game?

– Bar Carlo is not just for breakfast!  You probably knew that, but it’s easy to forget given the nice little niche they’ve carved out as one of the better breakfast/brunch spots in SE Portland.  As a reminder, though, the bar’s open every night but Tuesday, and they have weekly events, such as Gay Mondays (yes, RuPaul plays host to this one, with Drag Race airing on the big screen), Thursday Craft Nights, and Sunday Night Movies.  The occasional Saturday brings a DJ and music, too.

– The Bob White Theatre is having their big estate sale this Saturday, 8a to 4p.  In addition to getting a sneak peak of the theater, there will be film equipment, movie posters, record players, and more for sale.  Coffee and cupcakes, too

Happy weekend, y’all.

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One Response to Happy weekend, FoPo!

  1. MattSE60th says:

    Oooh – thanks for the ideas! Let’s see, Gemini tonight and Bob White in the morning? Sounds like a good plan. I’ll be attending a Superbowl party in Salem on Sunday, but I must admit, most of my attention will be on the commercials, friends, and beverages. (Who’s playing again?)

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