Candlelight vigil to honor pedestrian killed on Foster, demand safety improvements

Saturday evening brought somber news to the neighborhood, as it was learned a pedestrian was killed by a hit-and-run driver while attempting to cross Foster Road near 71st Avenue.  Monday morning made the tragedy all the more real, as the victim’s identity was revealed, putting a face and name to the most recent traffic fatality on the busy thoroughfare.

Jason Lee Grant is the latest victim of high speeds and lacking pedestrian safety on Foster Road. And sadly, there’s no guarantee he’ll be the last until the city implements real safety improvements, such as safer crosswalks, more visible signage, and better lighting.  The city-identified, high crash corridor has long been known as the “Foster Freeway,” and pedestrian safety has historically been overlooked in favor of keeping traffic moving quickly, and sometimes abundantly, through Lents, Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, and Creston-Kennilworth.

With the most recent fatality, the affected neighborhoods are eager to prevent similar accidents from happening again.  This Thursday evening, February 2nd, neighborhood residents will be holding a candlelight vigil to honor Grant, while also bringing attention to the safety concerns the area has long shared.  Residents, activists, and concerned neighbors will be meeting at the site of the accident, near SE 71st and Foster, at 5:30 pm.

Please let us know if you plan to attend, or if you’d like more information.

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18 Responses to Candlelight vigil to honor pedestrian killed on Foster, demand safety improvements

  1. John Mulvey says:

    I’ll be there. Thx Jeff.

  2. Thomas Naganuma says:

    Me and my girlfriend will be there. I miss Jason and cannot think of a better way to honor him. Thank you for having this.

    • Thanks so much for participating. It is our honor, and we are sorry for your loss. We’ll see you on Thursday, and hopefully prompt the city toward taking measures to prevent another loss like this.

  3. Monica Long says:

    How horrible! I was friends with Jason when he was younger and living in KS. I just can’t believe this!

  4. Hall Family says:

    We will definately be attending. Jason was a friend was very well loved my many both near and far. He will be greatly missed!

  5. Thanks for sharing. We are truly sorry that Jason was taken so soon.

  6. Jane Allen says:

    Thank you all. The loss of Jason has been devastating for literally hundreds of people. And he was my only child. I appreciate your caring and active pursuit to correct unsafe conditions so this may never happen again. Again, many thanks, and prayers of gratitude.

    • Jane, we appreciate your encouragement. Please know that you have our sincerest condolences. I don’t know if you are local or not, but it would be an honor to have you present at the vigil. If not, please email us if there are any messages you’d like conveyed. We want to make sure Jason is remembered well and can make an impact on a real and concerning issue.

      • Jane Allen says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I regret I cannot attend, but am with you in spirit and will pray at 5:30 that this will affect some change. Jason’s service in KS will be Saturday, an I am working on that now. You can read arrangements in tomorrow’s Oregonian, and I will come in the next couple of weeks or so to have a memorial service along with his local brothers, Jake and Jeremy, for Jason there as well. Jason was well loved by so many, and I have been very touched by all the outpouring of affirmations for Jason. The prayer vine at my church will be praying at the time you are holding the vigil this evening. i also contacted one of your local news stations to suggest perhaps they highlight your vigil. Jason will be remembered well, and we will lift his light up in his honor as long as is possible. Thank you again, and blessings to you all.

  7. Erica Bjerning says:

    Does anyone know how to get hold of Jason’s family? We would really like them to at least know about the vigil in case they would like to attend. Feel free to email me at ericaland at me dot com. I’m past chair of the Foster Powell N’hood Association and one of the organizers of the vigil.

  8. Rachel Cunningham says:

    I will be there.

  9. Kristen says:

    My roommate and I will definitely be attending. We have known Jason since middle school in Kansas and did not know he moved to Portland until last month. We live near 39th and Powell, so this was especially shocking.

  10. Nikki Kelly says:

    I wish I could be there. Jason brought so much joy and music with him. I hope our loss stimulates the city to do something about Foster Highway…

  11. Jeremy Webb says:

    Jason lived with my family for the last year, he is part of the family we love and miss him very much! The Webb family will be there with many friends, co-workers.

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