Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Well, the arctic blast that wasn’t did, at least, produce some snow earlier in the week.  Most people were asleep when the snow dumped, though, and what remained in the morning was pretty minimal.  And as we know, it’s not a real arctic blast unless the city shuts down, as we’re apt to do.  That wasn’t the case this last week, and now it’s just rain and more rain.  Try to stay dry this weekend.

Now on to your weekend tidbits.  There isn’t a whole lot going on, so feel free to share any news, events, or goings on in the hood.

– The Blazers will be trying to get back on track tonight in Toronto.  As always, you should be able to catch the game at Bar Carlo, Torta-Landia, or O’Malley’s.

– The Wikman Building Committee held their first community meeting today, with the goal of establishing a more concrete plan for the site.  ROSE Community Development and its coalition of partners have six months to present a more detailed plan to the County for financing and use for the Wikman Building.  ROSE is inviting all community members to take part in this planning process.

– The City of Portland is suspending system development charges for accessory dwelling units, which means homeowners can save up to $12,000 on the permitting process when building secondary structures on their property.  Energy Trust of Oregon is also offering incentives for homeowners to build ADU’s, which aides in the city’s efforts to further add more density to the city’s core.

– The planned Lake Oswego streetcar project has apparently been scrapped, which now focuses the attention of transportation planners to other parts of the city.  As Foster Road has been considered for a future streetcar line, it’s time to think about how close to a reality this could be.  Would FoPo like a streetcar?  Let us know.

– The East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District is holding its 2012 native plant sale.  Get your orders in

– Friends of Trees will be planting in FoPo this Saturday.  It’s too late to get involved with the Neighborhood Trees Program for this year, but it’s not too late to sign up for next year’s planting.

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