Happy weekend, FoPo!

It’s Friday, and we’re settling in for a cold, three day weekend.  Apparently there’s snow in the forecast.  Also, Martin Luther King will have been 83 on Sunday.  It’s sad how many leaders we lost during the ’60s, and how direly we need one of their mold here and now.  Perhaps you’ll find a way to honor MLK this weekend.  Enjoy!

And now, on to your weekend tidbits….

– Tort-Landia will be hosting a beer tasting this evening, with the brewers from Good Life Brewing on hand to offer samples and answers to any questions that you may have. You can bring the fam, too.  Sampling will go from 6pm-9pm.

– Speaking of Torta-Landia, the Willy Week ran a review of the restaurant in this week’s issue. Ben Waterhouse, from WW, gives his honest take on their tortas, as well as the various fixings that come on and alongside them. For those that remember the Merc’s review of Torta-Landia, they’ve definitely made improvements.

– Just a week after Lents learned their wait for a healthy grocer will continue (see New Seasons’ plans for its next location in North Portland), the neighborhood received some good news from PDC.  After conducting a second market study of the 92nd and Harold site, and toying with the idea of building facilities for foster children and families, PDC has decided that the best use for the site is market rate housing, possibly with some mix of commercial use, too.  The Portland Development Commission will be opening a Request for Proposals to attract developers (they had one in place prior to the second market study) for the project.  In the meantime, the commercial stretch north of Foster on 92nd, just before Ararat, will get a facelift, as PDC’s storefront improvement program is helping the building’s owners spruce up the facade a bit.  And in even more developments, the Foster-Woodstock couplet is a step closer to getting a lighted crosswalk for pedestrians, street trees, widened sidewalks, and a spruced up entry way with plants and signage.  You go, Lents!

– Bar Carlo will be hosting DJ’s Samizdat and Monkeytek for their new, Saturday Night Dubwise set. Get your dub and heavy bass on from 9pm to close.  This will be a free event.

– City Repair is still taking applications for 2012’s Village Building Convergence.  If you have an idea to add some flare to FoPo, submit your application by January 27th.  Potential projects include community gardens, murals, gathering spaces, bee habitats, bioswales, and street paintings.  This is a great opportunity to collaborate with your neighbors to brighten the community.  If you have a particular location in mind, feel free to leave suggestions.  Ultimately, though, it’s up to you to apply.

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