Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Welcome to the weekend, y’all.  Not a whole lot going on, at least as far as entertainment goes.  However, as per usual, we do have a few “tidbits” to share with you all.  Nothing earth-shattering, but tradition’s tradition.

– As most are already aware, outer Southeast Portland struck out again in their ongoing efforts to land a healthy grocer.  As announced earlier this week, New Seasons will be locating their next store in North Portland’s Elliot neighborhood.  Not that anyone’s bitter, but the new store will be a short, 15-block walk from the Whole Foods at NE 15th and Fremont.  And this, too, in a neighborhood trying to slow down the accelerated rate of gentrification (see the neighborhood’s division over bike boulevard upgrades on Williams).  So, Lents will have to wait a little longer, which means we will, too, as that’s our best hope at securing an alternative to Freddy’s on 82nd.  Good news, though: the city’s Healthy Retail Initiative will provide small market owners with grants to stock their shelves with healthier food options.  Perhaps one of our many convenience stores will take the city up on its offer.  Up to $4,500 is available per market.

– The Blazers are surprisingly good.  And although this has nothing to do with Foster-Powell, we thought a friendly reminder that O’Malley’s, Bar Carlo, and Torta Landia typically air the games.  So, for the Blazer fans in the neighborhood, get your roundball on with a nice meal and/or beer.  Oh, and if anyone has knowledge of the Undefeated Sports Bar and Grill on Powell and 66th, let us know how good the eats and drinks are.

– The Foster Powell Neighborhood Association meets this coming Monday at Sweetness Bakery, 6:30pm to 8.  This is a great opportunity to get involved with your neighborhood.  There will be a visioning discussion for 2012.  Come one, come all.

– Apparently the Occupy Movement lives on.  As it’s lost media attention, unfortunately, so too has it lost some of its fervor.  It’s still alive and kicking, though, and an extension of it, “Occupy Cafe,” meets regularly to keep the movement, well, moving.  Occupy Cafe will be hosted this Sunday at the SEIU Hall on 64th and Foster, 4 to 6pm.

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