Phoenix Drugs building on Portland’s unsafe list

As if FoPo doesn’t have enough dubious distinctions, one of the centerpiece buildings in the “Heart of Foster” has made Portland’s list of unsafe buildings.   Yes, the Phoenix Drugs building on 66th, a dream opportunity for someone with the right mix of masonry skills, deep pockets, and a visionary eye, is not only being wasted away but it’s technically unsafe, as determined by Portland Fire and Rescue.  If you’ve noticed the big red “U” sign on the building, that’s the designation…and warning to Portland Fire and Rescue’s own: think twice about how you want to respond to a fire in this building.

You can find the list here, published by the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce:

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5 Responses to Phoenix Drugs building on Portland’s unsafe list

  1. Jeremy Trabue says:

    I’ve been wondering what that meant. Bummer. But thanks for posting the info.


  2. cedr (@cedr) says:

    Wonder how extensive the repairs would be… Wouldn’t it make a great pizza place? I believe the building currently belongs to the owner of Buck’s Stove Palace just a block down, if you’re looking to track down more info about it.

  3. Yes, tis a bummer it’s fallen to such disrepair. I knew it belonged to Buck, and once heard he had intentions of turning it into a stove museum. We’ve been lucky with other recent acquisitions of historic buildings in the neighborhood…perhaps this will be next.

  4. Mateo says:

    Buck and his son are working with the city to help bring this building back to life. It needs much work but it’s historical and architecture are invaluable to the Foster area. Keep an eye out for information on the building to learn about how we can all bring it back to life!

    The Phoenix will rise again!

  5. mellonia says:

    The interior of the building is as amazing as the exterior, I am so excited to see what Buck and his son will do with it!

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