Best of FoPo, 2011

As we prepare to celebrate 2011’s close and usher in a new year, it’s easy to be optimistic about 2012.  Everybody has high hopes that the economy will improve.  We’re one war down, only one to go (assuming another isn’t started).  Europe is stabilizing (maybe).  The real estate market has finally bottomed (we’ll see).  Violent crime rates are down.  The NBA is back.

But what about closer to home?

2011 was quite eventful for Foster-Powell.  We saw signs of economic development along Foster Road.  We saw the community come together with such events as the FoPo Garden Tour, National Night Out, and Fun on Foster.  The arts thrived, as seen with the opening of Ruby Box and new murals on the walls of Paldo Market, Yo Mama’s, and O’Malley’s.  And to cap it all off, Nick Storie brought an early Christmas to FoPo with his purchase of the Bob White Theater.

To reflect on the stories we covered, we encourage you to peruse some of the older posts from 2011.  You’ll be surprised at how much Foster-Powell held it’s own in tough economic times.  And to get a better idea of what was most exciting to all of you, we leave you with a poll.  Please let us know what FoPo stories were most compelling in 2011 (surviving the rapture and getting a shiny, new 7-11 doesn’t count).

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