Wikman Building featured on Oregonlive; County to decide its fate tomorrow

As the Board of County Commissioners prepares to take action on the Wikman Building’s fate tomorrow morning, hope for the former Arleta  continues to grow with more and more community support behind it.

While we’ve been following the County’s process for handling the building, which was deemed surplus property several months ago, the Oregonian has furthered the cause, too, by documenting the great potential of the space, as well as the assumed purchase of the site by Rose Community Development.

Rose, which will be partnering with Southeast Uplift, the Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association, and the Foster Area Business Association to acquire the site, has made their plans for the building public and very clear.  They seek to expand on the rural grange concept with an urban twist.  Think meeting space; community resources, such as an internet cafe, commissary kitchen, and business incubator; grocery co-op.

If and when Rose gets selected to acquire the building at tomorrow’s meeting, they will then have 180 days to solidify their plans for the site.  The Board will be taking testimony and public comment, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend.  As a reminder, the Board meets at the Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne, at 9:30 am.

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