A Very FoPo, X-Mas

Peacock Lane we are not.  But we certainly have spirit…if not a few inflated electric bills.  It’ll be a long time before FoPo sets up hot chocolate stands and ushers in the throngs of site seers hoping to get a glimpse of Christmas spirit…manifested in lights, and more lights.

You never know, though.

The neighborhood has come to life as our days have darkened and become shorter.  And while the colorful gardens have wilted, Christmas lights have taken their place, and FoPo shines…sort of.   To be sure, there are still many dark corners and alleyways throughout the neighborhood.  And yes, you never know which of your yard displays will still be there in the morning.  But despite all that, folks are bringing some holiday cheer to our little triangle.

Perhaps it’s just the kid in me, but it makes me all jolly.  And no, that’s not my excuse for drinking hot chocolate and Schnapps or Egg Nog and rum on a near-nightly basis.  Well, maybe.

I hope you’re enjoying it as much as we are.

Happy Holidays, FoPo!

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