Happy Weekend, FoPo!

The holiday season is certainly upon us.  I drove up 39th last night, and Peacock Lane had traffic at a standstill.  I’ve notice FoPo getting festive, too.  A winter wonderland we are not, but it’s nice to see so many houses with Christmas lights.  Hope you all have a nice weekend.  Here are some weekend tidbits for you.

– Santacon hits downtown.  This is not the original Santacon, but the idea’s the same.  Dress up like Santa, wander around downtown.  Be prepared to drink.  It may sound juvenile, but, speaking from experience, Santa knows how to party.

– If Santacon’s not your thing, you can wander up and down Foster instead sans costume.  The Slingshot Lounge, Gemini Lounge, and O’Malley’s have coordinated an all day music event for the McCargar/Charles cancer benefit.  Performing at all three venues will be the Fallmen, followed by Advisory and the Basinbillies at Slingshot (12:30-4:30); Reverend Loose Morals will accompany the Fallmen at Gemini (5:00-7:00); Empire Rocket Machine will partner with them at O’Malley’s (9:30-midnight).  Come out and support a good cause.

– Speaking of music, and the aforementioned Christmas spirit, O’Malley’s will have Paul Brainard and His Fun Machine Orchestra on hand Sunday to perform your favorite Christmas songs.  The show starts at 8pm, and is free with a can of food or a $2 donation. Cans and cash donations will go to the Oregon Food Bank.  Get your charity on Foster.

– The Wikman Building will be the subject of a Multnomah County Commission meeting this Thursday.  It is expected that the county will take action to approve ROSE Cdc’s bid to purchase the building, in partnership with Southeast Uplift, the Foster Area Business Association, and the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association.  The plan would then be to develop a more detailed plan, which will most likely center around the urban grange theme, possibly consisting of a grocery co-op, internet cafe, community space, commissary kitchen, and perhaps a small business incubator.  You can show your support at the meeting, which will be held at 9:30 at the Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne.

– Oregonlive ran this article a couple days ago on the Bob White (er, um, Foster Home) building.  This isn’t news anymore, but it’s nice to see us in the Oregonian.

– Yo Mama’s coffee shop has new owners.  It’s unknown if any changes will be made, so stay posted.  Let us know if you hear of anything new to come from the ownership change.

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