Here’s your weekend scoop, FoPo!

First, in unrelated, non-FoPo news, we’d like to acknowledge the talents of Brandon Roy, who will soon be announcing his retirement from the NBA.  Roy’s fame has been somewhat obscured over the last year and a half, as his cartilage-less knees and difficult adjustment to a role player brought more controversy than production to the team.  However, let’s make no mistake, Brandon Roy is the biggest reason for the Blazers’ turnaround five years ago.  He brought a new era of Blazers basketball to Portland, and we’ve enjoyed the resurgence ever since.  Thanks, B-Roy!  You’ll be missed.

Now, closer to home, we offer our “tidbits” for the weekend.

– As you’re all probably aware already, Nick Storie is hosting an open house at the Bob White Theater this Saturday, December 10th at noon.  To share his vision for the future “Foster Home,” and to get feedback from the community, Nick’s inviting all interested parties to the theater for an inside look.  Come one, come all.

– The Wikman Building is one step closer to becoming a distinct, community asset for FoPo; owned, operated and benefitting the Foster-Powell neighborhood and larger SE Portland community.  What does this mean?  A coalition consisting of the Foster Powell Neighborhood Association, Foster Area Business Association, Southeast Uplift, and ROSE Community Development Corp are being given serious consideration for rights to purchase the Wikman Building from the County.  The official selection will be made on Thursday, December 22 at the Multnomah County Commission meeting, at which point the selected coalition will have a specified time to present a more detailed proposal, most likely 180 days from selection.  To express your support for the project, you are encouraged to testify at the commission meeting, held at the Multnomah Building, 501 SE Hawthorne.  Testimonies will be heard at 9:30.

– Make your holiday shopping more tolerable by supporting local artists, listening to live music, and drinking beer.  The Crafty Underdog resumes this Sunday, December 11 at the Mission Theater.  The team behind The Crafty Underdog Shop, which recently opened at SE 60th and Foster, is making your Christmas shopping needs easier by bringing dozens of local artists and crafters together under one roof.  Usually held on a monthly basis, the holiday demand has allowed them to put on two shows in December, one on the 11th and one on the 18th.

– Hip Hop month continues at Bar Carlo.  Having already played Wild Style and Style Wars on their big screen this month, you can look forward to another aptly themed movie this Sunday evening.  No word on what it’ll be yet, but you can catch it live at 8pm.  And in case you haven’t noticed, their back room has been rearranged to allow for more dining and comfort, with enough space for movies and Thursday craft nights.

– The Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) has made their official recommendations to Metro on how to spend millions of federal money through the Regional Flexible Funds program.  What this means for Foster Road is that $1.25 million is being allotted to implement certain safety features of the Foster Streetscape Plan.  What this really means for Foster?  We now have over $3 million ($2 mil of which has been promised by PDC) alleged to be directed toward improving Foster Road, between SE 52nd and 82nd.  What this really, really means for Foster?  Who knows, we’ve been promised a lot already, but nothing’s really come to fruition.  It’s encouraging, but money has yet to exchange hands, and the Foster Streetscape Plan has yet to be implemented after the City adopted it in 2003.  We shall see.

– And finally, we come full circle.  Shopping local.  Ben Waterhouse, from the Willy Week, gave a full page to Foster Road in the Holiday Gift Guide.  Check it out.  The Bad Apple, Ruby Box, and Red Castle Games, among others, made the list.  Although partly in jest, it’s nice to get some notice.  Hey, press is press.

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