Missing piece of Foster development may soon come together

As reported by Steve Beaven, the Oregonian reporter who covers SE Portland, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) will soon be considering potential uses for the two vacant lots on the south side of Foster Road at SE 72nd.  Along with the Portland Housing Bureau, PDC, who bought the sites last spring, has not yet determined what the future development will look like.  With the Housing Bureau on board, and the site being part of the Lents Urban Renewal Area, it would be assumed that affordable housing would have to be part of the plans.  However, PDC has not yet indicated this to be the case, and they have the option of buying the Housing Bureau out of their stake.

Beaven, who also reported on the Bob White theater’s purchase on Oregonlive, states in his article that PDC plans to meet with area residents, business owners, and members of the Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (URAC) this spring to discuss the wants and needs of the neighborhood.  From there, PDC will hopefully begin drafting a plan for the site.  If all the right components come together, development of this site can be a boon to the neighborhood, as it would better incorporate the Mt. Scott-Arleta business district along SE 72nd with the Foster corridor.  This would better tie together the Foster-Powell  community with Mt. Scott-Arleta, and better integrate Foster Road into each of their respective business districts.

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