Welcome to the neighborhood, Crafty Underdog

If it seems like a new storefront is opening on a near regular basis on Foster, you’re not alone.  Fresh off landing a new bar (Gemini), getting our very own 7-11 (boo), and the announced purchase of the Bob White Theater (yay!), Foster is now also home to a new craft and consignment shop: The Crafty Underdog Store.

Known for their monthly craft shows at the Mission Theater, Crafty Underdog has given local artists and crafters a venue to sell their work to the masses…all while listening to live music and drinking beer, if they so wish.  Now, bringing their cadre of crafty artisans to Foster, the creators of Crafty Underdog, LGA Creative, have opened a storefront to make Crafty even more local.  Seeking to make an imprint on the already emerging Foster art scene, the new LGA Creative office and Crafty Underdog Store is selling everything from art, ceramics, and clothes, to bath and body products and jewelry.

Open from 11 am-6 pm, Monday through Saturday, you can find them at 6004 SE Foster Road.  They’re good folks, check them out.

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