Happy Weekend, FoPo!

Happy weekend, y’all.  It’s going to be cold the next few days, but we should get some sun.  Enjoy.

Here are a few tidbits to carry you through the weekend.

*  First and foremost, how great is it that the Bob White theater finally found a buyer?  Based on feedback we received from our readers, everyone’s been eagerly awaiting this day for a long time.  For many, they’ve lived in the neighborhood a few years and are only familiar with the building as an eye sore, but one that shone so much potential.  For others, they’ve lived in the neighborhood long enough to remember when the theater was functional and actually have memories of watching film there.  Fortunately for FoPo, and the surrounding neighborhoods, Nick Storie found the money needed to purchase the theater, and the future “Foster Home” will someday be host to film, theater, dance and music.  Thanks, Nick.  If you’ve got the money, we certainly have the time.  And to show our support, hopefully we’ll get the neighborhood out in full for you open house on December 10th at noon.

* In other news, and pretty exciting in its own right, Foster Road is now home to another crafts store.  More importantly, this is a community-minded space, dedicated to selling local art and craftwork, with the added intention of providing a place to stop in, have some coffee, and get to know some of your local crafters and artists.  The Crafty Underdog Shop, which we’ll give you more details on later, is now open for business and to foster community…in the Foster community.  Before we delve in too deeply, your challenge is to stop in and say hi.  The Crafty Underdog Shop can be found at 6004 SE Foster Road.  You’ll be able to find anything from baby clothes and photography, to skin-care products and jewelry.  Let us know what you think.

* In case you missed it a couple weeks ago in the Willy Week, the Portland Development Commission is looking into the feasibility of locating a high-end grocery store near Portland State University.  This isn’t breaking news, or even specific to FoPo.  However, it does affect us and, especially our neighbors in Lents.  If you can recall several months ago when the city made public their plans to address the inequity of access to healthy grocers across Portland’s different neighborhoods, you may remember that several areas of the city were identified as “Food Deserts.”  The city assured residents in these neighborhoods that grocery store owners and developers would be lured and given incentives to locate there, giving its word that this was a priority issue to tackle.  Now, several months later, PDC has not brought Lents any closer to landing a healthy grocer, yet they’re pushing for the development of a grocery store in a location downtown, where residents have complained about their lack of high-end grocery options–despite being just blocks from a Safeway.  Again, this is not a Foster-Powell issue per se, but we benefit as Lents does, and vice versa.  Show your support for your neighbors and express your dissatisfaction with the city or PDC.

* And finally….fight hunger locally.  The following comes from Slingshot’s FB page:

“Hi Guys!! We are so excited to join up with O’malleys, The Standard, The Ship Ahoy, Billy Rays, The B Side, The Florida Room and The Oregon Food Bank to participate in ‘Bars Against Hunger’. What this means is we are collecting food all month to donate!!! For each item you bring in you get one raffle ticket!! You could win a $25 Slingshot Gift Cert., a Sling tee shirt, and various other schwag!!! Bring in two or more items and get $1 off any regular priced item. One discount per visit, but visit often and bring food with you and get a buck off each time!!!! The most wanted items are: Canned and boxed meals, canned meat, peanut butter, pasta, cooking oil, canned or bagged beans, 100% fruit or veg juice, and shelf stable milk. So, head to the grocery store, or look in your cupboards and bring FOOD to help a great cause and get prizes and discounts!!!! xoxo.” 

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, FoPo!

  1. David says:

    The open house is December 10, a Saturday, not December 12, a Monday, right?

  2. Indeed, you are right. Thanks for catching that.

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